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kingfish January 28th, 2005 12:54 PM

Miami Vice Returns
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Feb 5 2005 4:00PM 001 - Brother's Keeper (pilot) part 1 Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs unwillingly team up on assisgnment to apprehend a Columbian cocaine smuggler.

Feb 5 2005 5:00PM 002 - Brother's Keeper (pilot) part 2 Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs unwillingly team up on assisgnment to apprehend a Columbian cocaine smuggler.

Feb 5 2005 6:00PM 008 - No Exit Crockett and Tubbs are after an international arms merchant and smuggler

Feb 5 2005 7:00PM 035 - Phil the Shill Switek falls for a phony game show host, and drug dealer Tory Rivers walks right into a set-up

Feb 5 2005 8:00PM 047 - When Irish Eyes Are Crying In the season premiere, Gina is attracted to an Irish revolutionary suspected of being an IRA gun-runner

Feb 5 2005 9:00PM 056 - Streetwise A pharmaceutical grade of cocaine makes its way to the streets, specifically to a prostitute who is involved with an undercover police officer

Feb 5 2005 10:00PM 066 - By Hooker By Crook Crockett is involved with the beautiful and intelligent Christine Von Marburg. Unbeknownst to him, she is involved with an escort service and drug operation

Feb 5 2005 11:00PM 072 - Amen, Send Money When Tubbs arrests the wife of a popular television evangelist for purchasing drugs, he is set up on a rape charge and is caught in a battle for the airwaves and money in the name of the Lord.

Feb 6 2005 12:00AM 077 - Missing Hours Trudy becomes the victim of what appears to be a U.F.O encounter which is tied to a secret government operation

Feb 6 2005 1:00AM 078 - Like a Hurricane Crockett is not excited at the prospect of babysitting a fading female recording star who is a witness in a major music payola scandal, but he soon finds himself contemplating a walk down the aisle

Feb 6 2005 2:00AM 091 - Deliver Us From Evil A murder puts Crockett on a collision course with Hackman, the killer who had conned him into helping him gain his freedom from death row, but the vice cop's obsession with the case may cost him any chance of a life with his pregnant wife, Caitlin

Feb 6 2005 3:00AM 092 - Mirror Image While grieving over Caitlin's death, Crockett goes undercover in a high-level mob summit forcing him to go over the edge and become a player.

Feb 6 2005 4:00AM 023 - Lombard Crockett and Tubbs have been assigned by Castillo to protect a crime figure who has been served a subpoena to testify at a rival's trial

Feb 6 2005 5:00AM 068 - Viking Bikers from Hell Three menacing bikers terrorize Miami to avenge the death of a drug dealing colleague, and Crockett becomes their target

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