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Muffit January 17th, 2003 08:13 PM

OT: Another GREAT DVD - 20000 Leagues Under the Sea!
From the Muffit that told you about Journey to the Center of the Earth -- coming soon to DVD - another bit of great news! Disney's all time GREAT is coming to DVD May 13th!!! This is a MUST HAVE! I'm so excited I can't tell ya! First Journey and now 20,000 Leagues, both in the same year! It's available for pre-order at Amazon.

Ooh, ooh!!! Just added to Amazon's DVD lover "vote for" buttons, FLIGHT OF THE NAVIGATOR! PLEASE goto:

and click on NOTIFY ME WHEN ITS AVAILABLE. That's the same as signing a petition to vote for its release!

These 2 movies are Disney at its best! Family Sci-Fi for all!!!



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