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BST January 30th, 2021 06:35 PM

"Battlestar Pegasus: New Revelations" Discussion Thread
Please use this thread to discuss the story, "Battlestar Pegasus: New Revelations".

Eric Paddon January 30th, 2021 08:15 PM

Re: "Battlestar Pegasus: New Revelations" Discussion Thread
And with this story, I finally realized a creative goal of mine that for many yahrens of mine had been the one great unused Galactica story idea in my head. The idea of taking a concept first done in the Marvel Comics issue of Galactica which had Boomer finding a shuttle in space with people who'd fled the Colonies long after the Galactica had departed, but all of them were dying of the poisoning the Cylons inflicted after they came. The only dying survivor left.....was Adama's wife Ila. She died knowing Adama and her children were alive (though Boomer didn't tell her about Zac) and she made Boomer promise never to reveal what he'd seen so Adama wouldn't go through the burden of "losing her twice."

I wanted to do a variant on that idea with a different take. At first I thought of a VS story where the Galactica would find a shuttle with a man claiming to have come from the Colonies and saying there was a Resistance movement back in the Colonies the Galactica needed to turn around and take part in, but Adama, not sure if the "Refugee" is on the level, refuses on the grounds that their Destiny is Earth. But then the refugee drops the bombshell that Ila is alive and part of the movement in the Colonies. But I only had an idea and no story of where to go from there.

Flash-forward and I decide the key is to first establish the Pegasus universe and have Ila be the one sent in a shuttle seeking out Adama to come back and take part in the Resistance movement......but her shuttle is instead found by the Pegasus, which she and the Resistance had no reason to believe was out there. And thus, this establishes the plotline of Ila now being part of the Pegasus team and becoming Cain's trusted confidant (nothing improper between them).

I also in this story finally bring back Lucifer to take care of his final fate in the VS.

Eric Paddon January 30th, 2021 08:46 PM

Re: "Battlestar Pegasus: New Revelations" Discussion Thread
Introducing Ila into the VS and making her a regular also made me think of which actress to "cast" in the role. I wanted to think of someone who would have been the right age for stories being made in 1981-82 thereabouts, and who had enough stature to hold her own alongside the flamboyance of Lloyd Bridges Cain since her chief role is becoming his confidant and able to talk to him on equal terms.

My mind kept envisioning Lee Remick.

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