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Rowan September 5th, 2004 11:29 PM

:eek: :eek: :eek:
Rowans sends an overly zealous Anchangel for a cold shower! :D ;)

Archangel September 5th, 2004 11:29 PM

Going somewhere? :D

Rowan September 5th, 2004 11:42 PM

ya the bedroom...;) :D

Archangel September 5th, 2004 11:44 PM

coooool! :drool:

Rowan September 5th, 2004 11:45 PM

hey get your mind out of the gutter! I just needed to get something! :D

Archangel September 5th, 2004 11:46 PM

but my mind feels safe in the gutter. It's been there it's whole life!!! :D

Rowan September 5th, 2004 11:50 PM ah there it is ...:D ;)
now what were you saying?

Archangel September 5th, 2004 11:51 PM

Oh, yeah milady :D

kitty September 5th, 2004 11:55 PM

Kitty pops her pretty head in, tip toes upto the thread,
and grabs the thread in her dainty paws.


Rowan September 5th, 2004 11:57 PM

Rowan pounces on Archangel and knocks him to the floor she pins the hand that is clutching the thread and while he is lying there in shock and surprise she manages to extract the thread then rolls away jumps up and once again prances around the house saying "you lost the thread, you lost the thread" :D ;)

Archangel September 5th, 2004 11:59 PM

Oh, yeah? What have I got here?
*Dangles thread before Rowan & Kitty*

Rowan September 6th, 2004 12:02 AM

Hey! Rowan turns to the kitty come on lets get him!

kitty September 6th, 2004 12:05 AM


Originally Posted by Rowan
Hey! Rowan turns to the kitty come on lets get him!

Kitty is up for that!
Which way do you want to do him? ;)

Archangel September 6th, 2004 12:11 AM


Rowan September 6th, 2004 12:15 AM

I'll take him from behind ...;) :D

Archangel September 6th, 2004 12:20 AM

hmmmm... :naughty:

kitty September 6th, 2004 12:50 AM

if you are taking him from behind, that leaves me with the front!
MMMmmm, that could be tricky, but fun! ;)

ernie90125 September 6th, 2004 04:40 AM

Well if he doesn't want that thread-removal method I sure do !!!!

kitty September 6th, 2004 05:23 AM


Originally Posted by ernie90125
Well if he doesn't want that thread-removal method I sure do !!!!

I am sure you would, but would you like it? ;)

ernie90125 September 6th, 2004 05:34 AM

there's only one way to find out !

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