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viper44 February 27th, 2004 10:20 AM

Every you need to know to complete missions 3-5
Mission 3
This is the cylon transport level
- Again very important to press and hold the triangle button (target locator) to find your targets (the transports)
- You need to use homing missiles (make sure they are set to large blast radius over speed) to destroy all the transports in time (you won’t have enough time to destroy all the transports with just blasters)
Destroying the escaping vessel
- use the target locator to find the ship
- Very important use lasers not missiles to disable it!
- Finally destroy the remaining raiders

Mission 4:
In this mission you have to destroy the cylon tankers this is a pretty easy mission.
- Concentrate you attach on the tanks and any raiders that maybe too close to you.
- Destroy the tanks with you missiles, or your lasers it your power gets too low.
- When told too pursue and attack the crimson elite raider.
- Use your missiles to destroy them, BUT do not use your missiles on the one that is carrying the commander.
- You will be told to disable it, but the crimsons are too fast for a MK1 viper, but don’t worry failure to disable it will not cause you to fail that level.
- Proceed to destroy the rest of the tankers.

Mission 5
In this mission you have to help an alien vessel.
- First off you have to protect IPHI, do this the same way you protected CAIN and PALUS in the first mission. Find IPHI and use your homing missiles to destroy the pursuing raiders.
- Then you have to destoy these thing s that you holding the alien vessel in place.
- Basically, fly around them and destroy them with a combo of missiles and lasers, this isn’t too hard.
- Now for the Hard part! You have to disable the weapons systems on the alien ship.
- Take them out with missiles, but every nine seconds or so the ship will power up and fire its salvo of homing missles, when that happens you have to use your after burners to fly away from the ship and out run the missles. Then turn around and start your attach run again. Use your target locator to find your targets on the ship.

braxiss June 2nd, 2004 05:00 PM

thanks again

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