View Full Version : Calling All Construction Engineers

May 31st, 2014, 04:22 PM
I have been working on a fanfic with a come-back theme and I have some
questions. How would one set up an operation to build more battlestars once
an opportunity presents itself to do so and there were materials and people
available to do it? What would it take for an operation to rebuild, overhaul or
even do maintenance an existing battlestar at a dry-dock or starbase? What
kind and numbers of equipment and personnel will be needed to set up a repair
or production operation and how long would it take to build or repair a
battlestar? What kinds of factories and smelting plants would be needed to
make the parts and can the ships be designed so that they can be built in
prefab sections and assembled in orbit? What would a production facility or
repair facility look like when they are built? I would like to get people thinking
on how real the workings of a battlestar can get and what it takes to keep
one in running condition.