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Avrateal Galial
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Default Sorry

I am sorry for being away for so long. But have been busy in own life issues and also having been recently unemployed(Lay off). But I guess the lay off was a blessing in disguise. It made time for me to get off my ass and get into school. And wouldn't you know it. In my class are 7 other sci-fi fans as well and we are itching to get some of these projects under way lol
I hope to stay in better contact while I work on some R&D lol
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Default Re: Sorry

Well, welcome back and we're looking forward to hearing about your adventures. I venture to guess that many of us found ourselves in similar positions at one time or another...

Best luck!

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Rhaven Blaack
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Default Re: Sorry

I am glad to see that you are back, and that you are now back in school.
I am sorry to hear that you were layed off.
I hope that all works of well for you and wish you all the best!

I am looking forward to seeing what all you come up with.

Once again, welcome back.
If it can be thought of, it can be done.
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Default Re: Sorry

Getting a LayOff notice is a bummer and a kick to the wallet, but at least its not the big deal it used to be. After the GFC rearranged more than a few companies, there's no stigma in being downsized or let go, not like there used to be.
People can make a positive out of it by going a new way, upskilling or moving out of their rut :-)

returning to school and making some new connections is probably just what you needed. Good for you!!
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Default Re: Sorry

You can do it!
"I reject your reality and substitute it with my own."
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