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Default revolution

After four episodes, I gave up on "Revolution."
I really liked the first episode, but after that:
1. By the second episode, it was already starting to resemble "Lost"--the flashbacks, the same type of music, and of course Elizabeth Mitchell.
2. In the fourth episode, the character I liked best, Charley's stepmother, was killed off.
3. Can't the writers come up with anything more original than a megalomaniac taking over the world?
3. At the beginning of the fifth episode, it was so violent it was making me sick to my stomach. I said, "That's it," and turned the show off.
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Default Re: revolution

For myself the violence didnt bother me(I tend to believe the PAW world would be much more violent than this) but its obviously going nowhere real slow. Kinda like Lost.
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Default Re: revolution

Violence for ratings sake. So they can be called "gritty" or "cutting edge."
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