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Stargate Exclusive Stargate-Project Interview with Ben Browder

Exclusive Stargate-Project Interview with Ben Browder

Most science fiction fans met ben Browder, who was born in Memphis, Tennessee, when the original series Farscape premiered in 1999 in the american SciFi-Channel. As IASA Commander John Crichton, Ben, created a funny and cool heroes, perhaps one of the best genre characters on Television. Browder also appeared on Party of Five, Melrose Place, Strangers and CSI: Miami.
Ben Browder is now 42-years old and on the move with his family from sunny Australia to Vancouver, British Columbia but currently lives in the Los Angeles Area to join Stargate SG-1 in March. SG-1 and Farscape aired once every friday night. The shooting of SG-1's ninth season start in March, but there is not so much known about his character yet, but we do know he is a Lieutenant Colonel with the initials "M.M." and will replace Sam Carter, who is played by Amanda Tapping who will be absent due to her pregnancy.

We got the chance to ask Ben a few questions about his role in SG-1 and his past and future. Have fun reading this very funny interview!

SG-P: Many people will recognize you as John Crichton from Farscape. For all the people who don’t know you, please tell us about yourself. Where are you from, what did you do before you became an actor, and everything you want to tell us about yourself.
BB: I didn’t actually exist before Farscape… The good people at the Henson Company grew me in a vat at the creature shop. My first memories were opening my eyes on a set in Australia with Brian Henson looking down upon me pronouncing “And he shall be called John… John Crichton”. Or perhaps it was Rockne O’Bannon who said that… I can never tell those two guys apart.
I’ve looked on the internet and there’s WAY too much information about me out there already… and none of its true… except the flattering parts.

SG-P: How long have you been an actor? Was it always easy for you to get jobs?
BB: I’ve been an actor for most of my life. But choosing acting as a profession came during my final year at University in one of those blinding epiphanies of youth. For this reason alone I feel strongly that no one should get a tattoo until their retirement years… No matter what you choose in your youth, you will spend a great deal of time asking yourself “WHAT was I thinking!!??”

Getting jobs has never been “easy”… but I’ve been lucky enough to sustain “a living since” I left drama school in England prior to the turn of the last century.

SG-P: Where do you life at the moment? Did you move to Vancouver because of Stargate?
BB: I’m currently in the greater Los Angeles area.

SG-P: What was your best moment so far where you thought: ‘God, I’m happy I became an actor’
BB: Well… the first 30 minutes after the momentous youthful decision were fun. I was drinking with a group of actors from the RSC (Royal Shakespeare Company). After that point… it comes and goes. Right now, with work on the horizon, I’m happy I became an actor.

SG-P: „Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars“ aired in America a few months ago. After this mini-series many people think it’s the end of the series. What do you think? Will we ever see you again in Farscape?
BB: I hope so… call Brian Henson and tell him I’m ready to be pulled from the vat again whenever he’s ready to make more Farscape.

SG-P: Let’s talk about Stargate. The Producers revealed your characters initials: M.M. But what will be your full name? The fans all over the world are so curious to know, so can you give us more information about your characters name?
BB: I’m bucking for the MM to be reduced to a single M. I picture myself being pulled from the Stargate Vat and Brad Wright pronouncing: “And he shall be called… Mongo!”

SG-P: How did you get the role on Stargate SG-1? Have you been casted, or how did you become a part of the show?
BB: I won that contest that SCIFI was throwing… win a role on Stargate. I’m not sure how the whole thing evolved. But I am sure that I owe somebody out there a bouquet of flowers, thanking them for the job. If you can find out who is actually responsible, let me know.

SG-P: How aware were you of Stargate SG-1 before you got your role?
BB: I had seen Stargate in bit and pieces since it first started airing… plus it aired along with Farscape for two years Stateside… it would have been hard for me not to be aware of it.

Click on the link to read the rest of the interview.

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Great interview! Thanks for share it.
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I like his sense of humor,
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