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Having read today's entries in this thread (and reading the linked blog), it is my view that:

Just about everyone who posted in that blog has completely missed the point (no great surprise, as there are people who don't want to); and

We don't need to re-hash the discussion we've already had. We've had the positive entries, and we've had the entries by the people who were disappointed by our decision.

The decision was made. The time for this discussion has passed.

Therefore, with thanks to all the participants, I'm going to go ahead and close this thread.

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No fair closing the thread....

I kind of stayed out of this conversation for some time as I thought that it would die down on it's own, but it's taken a few twists and turns, hasn't it?

As for one or any other sites "joining" Fleets in the decision to close down discussion of TNS, I don't think that any one of us ever expected a ripple effect to occur. I know that some would call one site a "ripple", well there it is just the same.

When Don made the decision to close the TNS forum down, the discussion had been going on for quite some time before the FINAL decision to do it - it just happened to be a matter of timing.

I still don't get all the furor on other sites over the decision.... I mean, it didn't take away anyone else's right on other boards to continue discussing it. If the general consensus was that the TNS forum was the "bastard stepchild" of Fleets, why the surprise? I guess to a casual observer, it might of looked that way, but from the inside, I can tell you that I am one person that didn't think of it as such. I was one of those behind the scenes that tried so hard to make it work, but I wasn't alone in that effort.

We expected some kind of backlash and we got it and now it's died down. Don made his decision for his website and everyone has to live with it - including me or anyone else. I do agree with the decision, but we always knew that there was some kind of price attached. Some people left, but others came back and are still coming back. It all seems a wash to me, but it's one that has made running this website and pleasing the current posting membership a much easier task.

From my own personal point of view, I may decide to watch TNS in January and I may choose discussing it, but there sure isn't a shortage of sites to discuss it, but you don't hear me grousing about it.

Fleets is my home too, but it's not mine to run, I'm just one of the stewards that's trying to keep the passengers happy....
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