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Default Thanks for proving my point Warrior

Warrior wrote:
"Grow the hell up. And here's a suprise: This thread has NOTHING to do with OS BSG, so another one of yours is closed.

Try making a post that doesn't have Don or the remake in it and see what happens."

That is exactly what I said. It's okay to discuss the old show, but no dissent towards Ron Moore or his crew is allowed. What makes this different from the SciFi board? From what I can tell, nothing. I stated that I don't see how the effects will be interesting, given what Moore stated in his comments about the remake. I guess that's a crime now. Very well. Let's try this...

I really like BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. It was such a good show. I still love it to this day. The space battles were so exciting. I was really happy when Realm Press did those comic books, so I could see what happened after the last episode. I didn't like GALACTICA: 1980. It was bad. Maren Jensen was very pretty, and so was Anne Lockhart. Does anyone know how the red eye on the Cylon was done? Is there somewhere I can get a voice changer so that I will sound like a Cylon? I wish I was a Cylon. I liked Starbuck. He was funny. Why didn't they ever show the Imperious Leader close-up? Was it because he was ugly? I wish Serena hadn't died. That was sad.

Yup, this is a "cleansed" board.

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If you're talking to Warrior, use Im's, please.
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Default Somehow, hiding in the cafe...

...hardly seems like the proper forum to speak out against the remake. Most people will go to the discussion forum. Here, we are just preaching to the choir.

As for attacking Titon...

I don't attack the fact that he's working in the field of CGI. I'm sure he enjoys doing this stuff. I don't like the fact that he happens to be getting his start on this remake project. Titon was a visible figure in the push for a continuation, and now he happens to be on Moore's project. I don't believe that it was because of his skill. Rather, I see it as Moore trying to win over continuation supporters by having one of our own on his team. This way, perhaps we will all give his show a try, if only to see Titon's work. Perhaps this is a bit cynical of me, but I can't help but see an ulterior motive at work. One could ask why he isn't working on something like "Stargate", or why he didn't do work for "Firefly". How is it that it happens to be Moore's GALACTICA? I wish Titon good luck in the future, but I sincerely hope this project doesn't lead to more "Moore" GALACTICA.
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I agree with you Warrior. Don't single out people that get hired to do something like Don is. He's got responsiblities to keep. Don and the rest of us have been pushing hard to stop this travesty from coming about.

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