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Default Re: Solaria: The Miniseries

Pity your not doing it, i always did like this fanfic story. If BSG fan movies are as frequent as the Star Trek and Star Wars fan movies, this is one i'd like to see happen! As its got a killer Pre-Opening piece.

By Raymond Feliciano


This was the greatest moment in the history of mankind. The 12
colonies of mankind and the Cylon Empire would finally be at peace. Near
the moon of Cimtar, the five remaining Battlestars of the colonies;
Atlantia, Columbia, Galactica, Pacifica, and Solaria joined together to
meet and Cylons and sign the Armistice ending the thousand yahren war.
It was a meeting with disaster.

The Cylons had no intention of making peace. The armistice was a
diversion for the operation to exterminate the Colonies and mankind
forever. Because of the treachery of Count Baltar and the complacency of
the President and the council of twelve, the fleet was completely caught
off guard.

Battlestars Pacifica and Atlantia were the first to be attacked.
Soon the Solaria and Columbia were also under fire. Only the Galactica,
which was at the vanguard of the fleet was not yet attacked.

Commander Falcon ran to the bridge of the Solaria after the initial
onslaught woke him from a nap. The Galactica had been given patrol
duties so Falcon gave his crew furlon, and celebrated with his pilots
just a little too long. Still woozy from ambrosia, Falcon yelled
"Report" to his second in command, Colonel Typhon.

Typhon said, "Commander, we're under attack by a massive wave of
Cylon raiders. Pacifica reports major damage. We lost communications
with Columbia. We've taken major damage to both landing bays. Energizer
one is destroyed and we've lost the starboard thruster. I launched what
fighters we could before we lost the bays."

"How many did we launch?"

"Ten. The only Battlestar to launch all its fighters was Galactica."

"I should have known that Adama was too smart to be caught off guard
like this."

Although Falcon was upset that Adama maneuvered himself and
the Galactica to the position of vanguard of the fleet, he knew that
Adama was not fooled at all by the Cylon gesture. This was no time for
bruised egos. Falcon knew that it was time to act like the second
greatest warrior of the colonies. As he concentrated on fighting what
was left of his ship, Typhon worked to contain the damage. Suddenly
there seemed to be a lull in the fighting as the Cylons turned their
attention on the Atlantia, the flagship of the fleet.

"Sir," Typhon yelled, "Atlantia just launched her lifepods and we
lost communications with her."

"Negative shield," Falcon roared. As the shield was raised, the
bridge crew was greeted with the horrifying sight as the Atlantia was
destroyed in a blinding explosion.

"My Lord." Falcon moaned quietly, tears in his eyes.

The Atlantia's destruction was the signal for the fighters to press
their attack. The Pacifica was the next Battlestar to be destroyed. The
damage to the Solaria was increasing as two thirds of the ship was on
fire. In the wrecked bridge of the Solaria, with over half the crew dead
or wounded Typhon yelled to Falcon, "Sir, Galactica is pulling out."

"What, Why?"

"Look sir." Falcon looked at a view screen where the Galactica
pulled away from was left of the fleet."

"That coward Adama. If we survive this, I swear I'll kill him."

Typhon yelled, "Sir, energizer 2 is near critical we have to --" and
then there was a bright flash.
Always wondered what the perspective was of the other Battlestar Commanders, when the Galactica left the 'Battle Of Cimtar' abruptly?

Still, looking forward to seeing what you'll come up with Starkiller!

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