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Cool Lost City Part 1 - Possible Spoilers

Excellent performances all around.
Last mission by the SG1 team before the gate is shutdown for a 3 month review finds Jack downloading the Ancient's library into his brain as a desperate last resort to prevent the Anubis from obtaining the knowledge. The ground vs air battle scenes are well done and the shooting down of the death gliders are the highlight of the battle.

Introduction of Dr. Elizabeth Weir (replacing General Hammond as head of the SGC program) and at this time, she seems to be a worthy successor (the actress will be replaced, so the jury is still out if the character will continue the strong performance). VP Kinsey, of course, is trying to influence her decisions and bring her in on his side, plus makes implied threats if she doesn't.

Jack is at his home putting his business in order, knowing that the Ancients knowledge will eventually kill him and Thor cannot be contacted or will not answer. The gang eventually all shows up at his house, including General Hammond, where he breaks the news of him being replaced. They hope that Jack will be able to access the Ancients knowledge to find the Lost City and weapons to defend Earth.

Bra'tac arrives with ominous intelligence that the Anubis's fleet will arrive in 3 days to destroy and inslave Earth. Meanwhile, the President informs General Hammond that his retirement "request" is not an option and the President has other plans for him. VP Kinsey is suspicious of Bra'tac's news so soon after the gate program is shutdown for review. The meeting at SGC with all the main characters is worth watching. Jack's statement to Weir is telling: "Who are you...really...why are you here" when they are arguing about authorizing a possible mission to find the Lost City. IMHO, Weir's private meeting with Kinsey afterwards is memorable.

Teal'c and Bra'tac return to Chulak to recruit warriors to defend Earth. Stay tuned for part 2.

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