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Default problem with retractable landing bays

Upon hearing or reading I should say the rumor the rdms Galactica will have retractable landing bays made my stomach turn.
Having served in the us navy I know something on naval air tactics, not much mind you but some.
It is my understanding that the carrier or opposing force that best has the chance of survival with other fighter aircraft is who see the others first or get their planes in the air faster.
That's why the us navy has the alert 5 and the alert 15. if a carrier face hostile forces, she could launch a plane in as little as 5 minutes if the situation warranted.
Now the problem I have with the retractable landing bays, how much precious time would be lost in an attack, if her bays was in the up position. what if the attack caused damage to the motors that moved the bays, before she could launch all of her ships.
You want to be able to launch your fighters as fast as you can, and keep it kiss simple (keep it simple stupid). Having a retractable landing bays is inviting for a fubar, or at least a visit by Mr. Murphy.
Having fixed bays offers you the window of faster launch times. without having to wait for the bays to lock. especially at high speeds.
In closing I would like to say that retractable landing bays does NOT make good military sense. but who said this remake had good sense
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All I can think of when I read about this is the ships from Wing Commander, and how the whole ship split open to launch fighters. Am I taking it too far if I believe that RDM did this on purpose as a nod to Todd Moyer (and a slap at us)?

Nah, that would be crazy, right?


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In Wing Commander the ship designs were just dumb. Not to mention the missiles. Those things were so slow a blind monkey throwing golf balls could hit them.

Not to mention the sonar pings.

I do hope RDM uses Wing Commander as a guide,
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So sez our Muffit!!!

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