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Default for Jewels.and any other adoptive parents


I found this and thought of you and anybody else...I don't know who wrote this but I thought you might like it or I would give them credit because it comes so close to home...

Once there were two WOMEN
who never knew each other.

One you do not remember,
the other you call MOTHER.

Two different lives shaped to make you ONE.

One became your guiding STAR
the other became your SUN.

The first one gave you LIFE,
the other taught you to LIVE IT.

The first one gave you a need for LOVE,
the other was there to GIVE IT.

One gave you a NATIONALITY,
the other gave you a NAME.

One gave you a TALENT,
the other gave you AIM.

One gave you EMOTIONS,
the other calmed your FEARS.

One saw your first SWEET SMILE,
the other dried your TEARS.

One sought for you a HOME that she could not provide,
the other prayed for a CHILD and her hope was not denied.

And now you ask me through your tears,
the age-old question unanswered through the years.

which are you a product of?

Neither, my darling, neither...

Just two different kinds of LOVE.
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Speaking as an adoptee, I can relate to this. Both of my adopted parents have since passed on. There are times which I wonder if my biological mother thinks about what happened to the boy she gave birth to many years ago. To quote Luke Skywalker in Return Of the Jedi, "I have no memory of my mother, I never knew her." My true parents(the ones who raised me to become the man I am today) did the best they could, I say thank-you for everything you've done. I hope to see them again, someday.
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Default This is beyond words

Thank you for posting this Breea. As we have yet to decide to have children and am fast approaching that big 40 marker, adopting is an option we may consider at some point soon. This really brings it home. It is perfect.
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