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Question Galactica DVD - Region 1 or Region 2?

Am I right in thinking that the version of the Battlestar Galactica DVD box set to be released in the UK (Region 2 - in January 2004!) will be more or less identical to the US (Region 1) version? (I'm considering which version to buy, you see....)

In particular, I'm thinking about the deleted scenes & the featurettes. Do all the episodes have deleted scenes? I checked at the BBFC website tonight (The BBFC is the British Board of Film Classification - which handles the age ratings of all films, videos & DVDs), and they have at the moment rated deletions on 8 episodes -

Saga Of A Star World - 34min 53s
Gun On Ice Planet Zero - 9min 33s
War Of The Gods - 22min 1s
The Living Legend - 12min 15s
Fire In Space - 8min 18s
Greetings From Earth - 19min 32s
Baltar's Escape - 6min 26s
The Hand Of God - 16min 24s

Also there doesn't appear to be a rating for the Stu Philips featurette (possibly because music titles in the UK are rated as E - for exempt? or it could be included in another rating?)

I could be jumping to conclusions too early, or maybe it's just the quirky way these things are rated..... I'll keep an eye on it for you.

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Hi Ian,

There both identical. The only difference being is the more expensive one out the 2 region two products will be the one in the Cylon presentation box which is the only version currently on sale in the US. I think you get a few extra prints and stuff in that set. The other region 2 one that will retail at 39.99 is a box set which has the same episodes and extras minus the extra stuff that you would get in the Cylon presentation one. Check the link out below and you will be able to see better for yourself. Both the box sets at the link below our the region 2 versions of the Galactica box set. The more expensive of the two is exactly the same as the region one version. The cheaper of the two is just all the episodes and the documentary materials and extras, only minus the glossy photos and what not.

39.99 version

49.99 version

Hope this clears it up for you.
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