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Wink BSG and its impact on a young life

As I sit here and write this I look up over my computer at a very important piece of my BSG collection. A framed autographed picture of Richard Hatch and Lorne Greene a dear friend got for me recently at a convention. The memories begin to flow like waters through a floodgate. The memories of a beloved show that time forgot and now wants to change.

I was but a small child when the show originally aired and was a little young to remember it. When I was about five a channel in the area where I grew up showed the reruns and I used to sit with my family and watch it. My sister and I had a long running debate on who was the cuter viper pilot. She preferred Starbuck, I liked Apollo. My mother loved Lorne Greene because of Bonanza. It was a wonderful time to sit and escape the daily hubbub of a harried young life. Shortly after the last rerun episode ended it was shown no more. I was crushed like a grain of wheat under a grinding stone. I wished I had the chance to be a viper pilot. My youth was spent trying to find a show that i could connect with so greatly as I had BSG again. Well time moved on and I grew older. When the magical year before teen life hit my parents and younger brother and I moved to Florida and then my chance to reconnect with BSG came again. I was so happy that every Saturday morning I could sit and watch my favorite show. It seemed like everything was right again in my world as I had felt like I had found an old lost friend.

Things change again and time moves on. I was back where my journey started again and this time I was an adult. Working to make a living was the priority of my adult years. One Xmas eve the boss let us go home early as we had no work scheduled for the rest of the day except for one order that was going to take all of four hours. I came home to a silent house all decorated and cheery for Xmas and smiled as I flipped through the channels. I had found my youth again as I sat and watched a marathon of BSG. Again my old lost friends had found me.

Now I am older and looking at a future that i know will bring many changes. Even though my youth is lost and I have the memories that made it sweet I often wonder if I will ever get to show my children the show that I connected with and will they connect with it like I did. Will they have the fond memories of sitting with me and watching shows with me that made them happy. Will we ever see the show we know and love come back or fade away like the studio execs want it too.

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