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Default My continuation idea.

With the proper credit given to Richard Hatch, the Colonials are now settled on a new homeworld, though to this talk persists of the mysterious mission that sent away over 100 of their brightest and bravest.

Apollo and Sheba have a daughter, Eden (Keira Knightley), and much to his chagrin, she herself is more like Starbuck than Starbuck Compared to Starbuck's son (who he had with Cassie before they parted ways, since Starbuck wouldn't grow up, an idea I give DeSanto the credit for), Blaine, who is so strait laced he blushes furiously at the merest hint of anything racy (I think this personality type hasn't been mined enough in movies.).

One of the main subplots is their eventual romance, and Eden's pregnancy. Much to their surprise, despite all the precautions they took, Apollo and Starbuck find themselves grandads-to-be. Cassie is now a doctor, and consults them both, who don't understand how the mutual precautions they took amounted to nothing.

As we find out, the pregnanacy happened because it was meant to be.

President Tigh has been overseeing the commissioning of several new battlestars. The new colony was founded once they felt that they had almost a century's head start on the Cylons

And lo and behold, the mysterious mission returns, and the returning crew is debriefed; it turns out they have gone to Earth, using the coordinates supplied in the later episodes; Earth doesn't stand a chance in aiding them against the Cylons; the purpose of the new Colony is drivemn home; they temporarily abandoned their quest for Earth to find a place to build their strength, knowing full well that the time would come when they would have to face the Cylons again.

On the Cylon homeworld, we see for the first time how new Cylons are created; the organic Cylons are converted into the armored machines we see in the series; machines that run on organic matter. Until they are converted, the organic Cylons are slaves. But all of that changes when a young human appears on the planet and leads a slave revolt that ends with the death of the current Imperious leader. The war is bloody, but it ends with the fall of the capital.

Towards the end, it is revealed the young human is Iblis in a new form (Jason Isaacs; the way I see it a being like him can change faces like we change our socks); he has grown tired of the incompetence of his creations, and with a cloned young Baltar at his side (who swore allegiance to him to spare his own life), he is forcing a mix of the two cultures; a stalemate is reached, and the organic Cylons, only desiring their freedom, are freed. The Cylons have been building their strength too, but as impressive as their new ships are, Iblis felt that smarter pilots were the key.

Over time, and many adventures, Blaine and Eden's son is born, and to their shock, the child grows to full maturity in a month, and has exceptional powers that remind Apollo of Iblis and the Beings of Light.

Eventually, the new Cylons attack, and in th e melee that ends with the small Cylon squad being driven back, Apollo is captured, and brought to their capital to meet the new IL- Baltar, who he doesn't recognize at first. Iblis pushed his chosen race in a new direction. explains Baltar, because he knew that new technology wouldn't win the war against humankind. The purpose the Cylons always followed of finding and making order in the universe is replaced almost overnight (the philosophy being unique to the machine Cylons) with one desiring simple destruction of a race who has "humiliated and slaughtered countless Cylons, steel or flesh,(a new propaganda machine has started on the Cylon homeworld to indoctrinate the organics willingly into the war).

Apollo says that they should just kill him if that's what they want. Baltar smiles, and a galactic map pops up. Highlighted are the coordinates to Earth. They bring out the head of the newly returned expeditionary fleet who they also captured, and after three days of torture, they broke him; his mind is a wreck, and he demands that they kill him and get it over with.

BALTAR: Is that what you want? I brought him (points to Apollo) here so I could gloat in the completeness of my victory and his immeasurable failure. (pause) But then again, I do this for his benefit.

At that, he snaps the commander's neck.

At his execution, Apollo is rescued by a resistance group, led by Tulnaxx (voiced by Ron Perlman), a particularly big and bad reptile.

He is taken back to the new colony, in time to warn them of the attack on Earth.

Tigh orders the fleet to be mobilized to Earth, knowing now that the final battle between good and evil will be fought on the Thirteenth Colony.

In the end, much destruction is wrought to 21st century Earth, and Konor, Blaine and Eden's son, realizes his potential in a battle to the death with Iblis. In the end, the Cylons are defeated, the reptilian Cylons shown mercy by the enemies they thought to be complete barbarions, ushering in a new era of understanding between the two races.

But the cost was high; in the final battle with Baltar, Starbuck takes a shot meant for Apollo, giving his friend the split second he needed to take aim and kill the arch traitor for all time.

Blaine and Eden finally realize that Konor is the first step in man's evolution; he came too early, however, and the Beings of Light come to Earth to take him away. A final heartfelt goodbye between him, and the other characters is shown, and he takes his place among the SLight Beings.

A new era begins as mankind is once again whole; Earth is now aware of its history, as the nations of the world and the survivors of the Twelve Colonies of Man unite for the Golden Age that will be heralded as one of great Enlightenment throughout the galaxy.

Yeah, I would flesh it out more and give it mroe characters; both Blaine and Eden are pilots, but I talked more about their love story here since that is more importantto the overall story.

And don't laugh at me, but i would really like to play Blaine. I major in theatre, so I can act (at least I like to think I can).

And I need to watch more episodes.
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Ya know, i like this.

It just goes to show how ignorant hollywood is for god sakes. But i believe that's about to all change.

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Originally posted by Titon
Ya know, i like this.

It just goes to show how ignorant hollywood is for god sakes. But i believe that's about to all change.

Well I still have my fingers crossed, along with my arms legs and eyes.
It makes it heard to play guitar but what the hell. lol

Desanto and Larson, Larson and desanto.
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