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peter noble
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Default Reasons NOT to Buy the Superman Returns DVD

"Battlestar Galactica will never happen again the way that it was." Laurette Spang
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Darrell Lawrence
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Actually, I *will* buy it to get the theatrical version in case the eventual SE doesn't have it.
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Originally Posted by Warrior
Actually, I *will* buy it to get the theatrical version in case the eventual SE doesn't have it.
Darrell -

I am SO in agreement with that. I'm still kicking myself for not buying the original film versions of Blade Runner, Star Trek: The Motion Picture and the first 3 Star Wars films.

I'm not gonna pooh-pooh the first release of Supmeman Returns, just because they don't have the "perfect package" the first time out....

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I own all 3 versions of Star Wars. The original the special editions and the newest DVD releases...so much overkill, lol.

BTW Gemini, I was miffed at missing out on the original Blade runner but this cheered me up when I read it:

In September, Warner will release a "restored and remastered" version of the film, including the 1992 "director's cut". After four months, this limited release will be deleted and replaced by an all-singing, all-dancing definitive DVD onto which will be packed the aforementioned "final cut", plus the "director's cut", plus "the original theatrical cut and the expanded international theatrical cut"
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Hopefully the deleted scenes will be edited back into the film. From what I've read there was a lot of backstory in those cut scenes. I've also read that Singer did a little too much partying during the editing process. He has a reputation for this. I don't mean to talk bad about the guy. He still did a great job with the theatrical version.
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