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Default Here's A Galactica Tos Scene Re-done

Here's my nightmare scene taken from the ORIGINAL PILOT of Battlestar Galactica from 1978. The scene is between (and you guys remember) when Adama and The presidnet played by Lew Ayers speak regarding the enemy's true intent. Here's a re-write of that scene from 1978 based on current events regarding the new show:


The quorum of 12 have now left. THE PRESIDENT steps over to Adama who glances with little optimism at the fleet of battlestars outside the window.

PRESIDENT: I see th remake of Battlestar Galactica is not a success with all my children.

ADAMA: What awaits the fans out there is what troubles me.

PRESIDENT: Surely, you still don't cling to your suspicions about Ronald D. Moore's remake of Galactica? Ronald D. Moore and Bonnie Hammer asked for this remake. They want quality.

ADAMA: Forgive me, Mr. President but they hate the Galactica fandom with every fiber of their existence. We love character driven writing, drama, stories that make you feel.... it is an alien way of existing they will never accept.

PRESIDENT: But they have. Through Ronald D. Moore. The Sci-fi Channel WANTS to do a remake of Galactica.

ADAMA (RELUCTANT SMILE): Yes, of course... you're right.

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You are one sick puppy

But how true,
well done.
In the grand scheme of things we are but a mote of dust caught in an eddy of time. REP
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I must agree that your a sick puppy!

But that does seems to be a VERY appropiate vision.
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That was cool. I read it thinking with Loren greens voice from that meeting. I miss him,he was a great actor.
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Yup. One sick daggit. NOW, how about this.....

The scene is deep, DEEEEEEP inside the inner throne room of the SciFi Channel's feared ruler, Impudent Loser. Moore, held in a steely grip between two advertising sales reps, glares up at IL's throne, perched atop a green porta potty stall:

"Welcome, Moore. I have grave news. A vast horde of fans of TOS prevail. Your ratings sucked, and we lost over 30% in ad revenues! But, we will soon brainwash them."

"What of our bargain? I was supposed to be allowed to re-imagine 'My Mother The Car' next!!".

"I now alter the bargain!"

"How can you change one side of a bargain?"

"When there is no other side. You have missed the entire point of the re-imagining."

"But...I have no ambitions to alter your fall line-up...!!"

"Could you think us so foolish as to trust a man who would see a true gem of drama destroyed for the sake of his own narcissistic ego?"

"NOT DESTROYED!!! Re-imagined! By me! The way those fools could never understand!"

SCIFI CHANNEL: There can be no excuses! So long as one of your re-imagining crew remains alive, the SciFi channel's lies and smarmy ads are threatened.

"S...surely you...you don't mean me???"

"We thank you for your help, Moore. Your time is at an end."

"NO! YOU CAN"T! The only really enlightened people whose opinions are worth anything still need..AHHHH!"
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To Ravoshalpulsar!

YOU are not, and in no way a SICK PUPPY!

Mr.Hooper(From JAWS): Now take a good long close look at this sign, those proportions are correrct.

Wak: Yeah, and we didn't get to show you the secrets of the universe. ~ Explorers
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(Chuckles to self.)

Very amusing.

I wonder if Ron is reading this.
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