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Question IGN: The Who Report: Did Sci Fi Pass on the Series?

The Who Report: Did Sci Fi Pass on the Series?

Early reviews start to hit the press.

March 01, 2005 -

New Who Series "Lacking"?

Sources close to the US cable network Sci Fi Channel have told IGNFF's Doctor Who Report that the network is not in negotiations for the new series. Postings on the forum for the Doctor Who Restoration Team a couple of weeks ago identified the cable network and its parent company, NBC Universal, as being in negotiations for the new series as well as the complete catalog of classic Doctor Who. The plan, according to the post, was for Sci Fi to have the new series as a first run program with the classic series appearing later either as late night programming on Sci Fi or on one of NBC Universal's other cable channels. NBC Universal owns the cable entertainment networks Bravo, USA Network and Sci Fi Channel in addition to a number of news and information channels.

Unfortunately for fans of Doctor Who it doesn't look like this is the current plan, according to the sources at NBC Universal. In fact, sources tell IGNFF, Sci Fi Channel has already had a chance at the new series and passed after viewing some of the completed episodes. Some of the executives at the network found the series somewhat lacking and didn't think it would fit into the network's schedule, which already has a number of series, mini-series and films in development. Not a good sign for the fans that have been anxiously awaiting the premiere of the series and an announcement of a U.S. carrier.

Still, this may not mean that the media conglomerate is completely out of the picture. NBC Universal also owns a high definition cable channel, Universal HD. Formerly Bravo HD, the recently re-branded cable channel currently runs movies and television programs out of Universal's vault. The revamped Battlestar Galactica is due to be seen on UHD later this year and there is a possibility that the new Doctor Who series could wind up there as the network's first original program. Since the new series is being shot for widescreen digital, it could be a perfect fit that would get the struggling channel some needed publicity from a very loyal fan base. No comment from the programming department at Universal HD but with the good Doctor's new adventures now a scant 25 days away from launching in the UK and Canada, we should hear something soon.

Universal HD is currently seen in just over 1 million homes in the United States and is available on the DirecTV satellite system.

Click on the link for more Dr. Who news

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Pretty weak.
No matter how lame the New Who is, SFC does not have enough real original programming to snub it like that.
May've been the losing side. I'm still not convinved it was the wrong one.
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Uh oh.
If the show looks unappealing to sci-fi, what does that say for the chances that another US broadcaster would pick it up? Isn't safe to assume that if all else fails, the show will just turn up on BBC America?
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