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Thumbs up Tom DeSanto Script review (part 1)

Here is Part 1 of KORN_FAN2’s review of the third script that was written for the pilot movie of Battlestar Galactica. His opinion favors the second script that was written for the production, but he reviewed the third script because the fans asked for this version to be reviewed. He notes that the third script is sloppy in some places and speculates that it never got reworked because of the announcement last April 2. He also speculated that this script seemed a tad bit long for a 2-hour Tele-movie.

This script was written after Bryan Singer’s departure and Fox pulling the plug.

He would like to acknowledge and give thanks to the Sci-Fi Channel for that week long marathon in February and Susan Paxton’s Battlezone Web-site for giving him better insight on the original series.

So here it is.

From Korn_Fan2:

I guess I will start by saying the Original series was a victim of many circumstances.
It was a victim of it’s own time with the disco music in outer space, Those long feathered back hair dos among both the women and the men. I even noticed that some of those extra Warriors in the background bare a striking resemblance to Kelso from That 70s Show.

It was a victim of greed. The original plan for Battlestar Galactica was to be series of Tele-movies but instead ABC execs took a gamble and reformatted it for an on going weekly series. ABC gambled and Battlestar Galactica lost. The rush production resulted in a handful of one-hour episodes that I would rather forget. The reusing of stocked visual effect footage was an insult to the viewers and the fans as well. However this show had heart and there are many memorable episodes that I like to praise such as the 3-hour pilot, Lost Planet of the Gods, The Living Legend, War of the Gods and the final episode that was ever produced. On the other hand as much as I liked the premise of the original series, I am forced to agree with Ronald D Moore and I did find the original to be a tad bit candy coated.

On the other hand Bryan Singer, Danny Angel, Billy Brown and Tom DeSanto previously shared that same opinion and sought out to fix the many flaws the original series had but they intended to keep the original themes, premise and timeline intact.

Let me start by saying this new version was not going to be candy coated like the original series. This version was not for entire family viewing. From my own experience it was intended for the ages of 14 to 40 crowd. It’s targeted audience were for the die hard fans, the casual viewer and a younger breed of science fiction fans who are sick and tired of the recent incarnations of Star Trek and/or not impressed with the mindless crap that the Sci-Fi Channel serves to their viewers. (excluding Star Gate and Farscape).

As far as calling this a continuation of the original series, I would have to say yes, but also a big No. This is a show that needed to stand out on it’s own and in many ways there are significant differences. Tom took huge steps in making this planned production far different from the original series but in a brilliant way he managed to integrate many elements of the original series that would of made it very recognizable as Battlestar Galactica.

This pilot has the feel of The X-Files (with horror elements and conspiracies) meets Space Above And Beyond meets the original Battlestar Galactica series, being the backbone of DeSanto’s vision.

First off I want I am changing the names of most of the new characters and Cylon species for two reasons. Reason one will be clear after reading this review and reason two is for holding out hope that Tom DeSanto will someday get the chance to show his vision to the fans that kept the spirit alive for all this time.

As for the characters, you will find that many of the heroes have many flaws and they are a reflection of today’s society. Also you will find that some of these characters are written to be either the original or a completely new character because the writers were anticipating Network interference. The Tigh character is a prime example. If the networks didn’t allow Mr. Carter to reprise his role as Tigh, Tom would have rewritten him as an entirely new character or be forced to recast the role.


Adama - Wise, noble and religious. The highest ranking and most respectable Colonial in the military. It was his wisdom and guidance that saved mankind from the holocaust. Ever since the colonizing on New Kobal, he still clings on to his belief that the Cylons will return and the quest for Earth must go on. Sadly Adama is dying of a terminal illness. (President Roslin anyone?)

Athena - The last surviving family member of Adama’s family. She serves on the bridge as Colonel and is third in command of the Galactica. She shares a strong bond with her father.

(Viewers who are just tuning in will learn that she was once a Colonial Warrior that flew off on missions. The old-time viewers of the original series will have to assume that she became a Colonial Warrior sometime between the events of The Hand of God and DeSanto’s pilot movie)

Skyler - The Captain of Blue Squadron. Orphaned since the holocaust of the 12 colonies. An honorable warrior and a lot like Apollo from the original series except he isn’t the sensitive type like Apollo.

Troy (Boxey) lieutenant of Blue Squadron. This young brat from the original series has grown up to have a cocky attitude. He is always taking heavy risks and tries to outshine the other members of Blue Squadron.
Although argues a lot with Skyler, they share a close friendship.

Murph – (I changed this name from the script but described him according to the script) - a brash young lieutenant of Blue Squadron. A full-fledged pervert, he spends most of his off duty time getting laid or trying to find ways of getting laid. (A nod to Night Court’s Dan Feilding) Like the most of the pilots in the original series, when the red alert sirens go off he immediately goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Tara – (I changed this name from the script but described her according to the script) - a headstrong female lieutenant of Blue Squadron with a long list of reprimands. She is always questioning authority and has a wicked temper. She is romantically involved with Skyler, but they are always butting heads because of her headstrong attitude versus Skyler's military by the book attitude.

(Note She reminds me of Ronald D Moore’s Kara Thrace except she does not go around slugging superior officers)

Starbuck - once a great Warrior and considered a legend among the new generation of Colonial Warriors. Starbuck spent some prior years marooned on wasteland planet until the Cylons finally captured him.
He spent the following years as a Cylon prisoner and underwent several interrogations, torture, and experiment procedures before making his escape and finding his way to New Kobal. Upon his arrival on New Kobal he has learned that most of his friends and one true love Cassiopeia are long dead. He left the Military and spends most of his time at the Rising Star drinking, gambling and womanizing. He was the last person to ever see his best friend Apollo while he was still a prisoner of the Cylons.

To be continued with the rest of the description of characters and a plot summery

"If you agree with us, then this is the show for you. If not, then thanks for coming, but the popcorn is in a different aisle."

-Ronald D. Moore-

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This thread is JUST for Scooter & Korn's review of the DeSanto scripts

If you wanna talk about them visit the talkback thread.


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Default Actually KORN_FAN2 deserves all the credit

I only edited and reworded some places because he is a sloppy writer.

(no offence B)
"If you agree with us, then this is the show for you. If not, then thanks for coming, but the popcorn is in a different aisle."

-Ronald D. Moore-
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