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Default Re: Saga of a Fugitive Fleet - 4 Audio Dramas - OUT NOW!

Originally Posted by ernie90125 View Post
Certainly all feedback is gratefully received…
On a Gamma Frequency?
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Default Re: Saga of a Fugitive Fleet - 4 Audio Dramas - OUT NOW!

If you haven't bought the CDs yet, get them! And if you do have them, and know of other Galactica fans in need of a Christmas season gift......this would be the perfect item.

I enjoyed going through it a second time and I even for fun did a little audio re-editing so that Tigh's initial journal entry begins with some music underscore from the original series. Could never be done "officially" I understand but it helped further cement in my mind how the final project, even with the limitations it had to operate under is a true Galactica effort.
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