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peter noble
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Default Anybody ever modelled what the Big G looked like at the start of the 1000 year war?

Obviously the same configuration but more primitive.


"Battlestar Galactica will never happen again the way that it was." Laurette Spang
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David Kerin
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Default Ralph McQuarie's design

I did a model of the Battlestar (and some Vipers) based on Raph McQuarrie's pre-production designs. It has not been said (in any book or production) that they were what the craft "originally" looked like earlier in the timeline, but some of the paintings of Ralph McQuarrie did show up as set dressing making you wonder if the Battlestars did resemble his paintings at an earlier time.

The renderings can be found at:


I like to think the earlier McQuarrie Viper designs are the ones maybe flown by Adama and Tigh in the earlier days when "the ships weren't quite so fancy, but they gave them a good run." (at least I think that's what Tigh said)
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Steve W has produced what i would consider to be earlier battlestars and fighters. McQ design is good but would not have appeared that way at the beginning of the 1,000 yahren war> SteveW has some designs that would pass for Battlestars from the beginning of the war.

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