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Default Tom DeSanto script

I've got to ask whats going on? just took a peek at ....never mind i won't say it. Look if this subject is hot then i won't blow it for those making thing happen for the rest of us.

But the topic and article is, as if something huge is happening again with Tom's Script is there? Since sci-fi channel's getting their way with BG i just want to know like alot of fans. Should a rogue script fall into someone's lap right,...reviews aside?

Is it......is this finally the time we as a fanbase get any goods for a change without any legal mumbo jumbo as to reading WHAT WE COULD HAVE HAD being this ain't gonna turn out as a continuation to please both long time fans or even former remake joes.

Everyones is acting strange and i've being to other sites, links and such which are also talking. Is the script being reviewed and spread around now. Now that TPTB are planning filming and the Remake is almost underway (hours from now?) whats going on? Lack of info on this is annoying :confused:

For god sake who yanked what? and whats all the secret banter over there and everywhere!

Whats up with Tom DeSanto's script? are we gonna read it finally, will it be made available to the fanbase finally, what is going on!


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I hope it's being shared with the powers that be for a alternative to Moore's script...

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Default Note to Scooter/Korn_Fan2

Scooter, please pass this along to KF2 if he hasn't done this already.


If you haven't heard, some of the RDM fans claim to have been able to download the DeSanto script No. 2. If this isn't an April Fool's joke, please to pass a copy of the script along to Michael, filmjerk, and Garth at Dark Horizons for fair reviews. Let's see how fan's react to the alternate to what the folks at SciFi plan to ram down our throats.

Thank you,

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