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Centurion Draco
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Default Cylon Command structure and advancement.

Just a couple of little things.
First, here's my view of it, taken from the novelisation, series etc

Cylons both military, civilian or worker all seek advancement in rank.
There are many sub-divisions of military rank that Centurions can advance through. From standard 'Centurion' through squad leader, pilot, flight leader etc to silver or gold Command Centurion. There is also a 'disgraced' class in the form of the drones, who have had their free will 'slaved' to a central system in a form of penalty for failure.
Is there a similar structure for 'civilian' or 'worker' class cylons?
Are the basic 'worker/civilians' of a lower class than those performing scientific tasks? Some of those were allowed to attend the dedication ceremony attended by Imperious leader on Gammoray.
Are the lowest 'workers' drone class? Do 'civilian' Cylons advance towards becomming IL class, as Military become Command class?
Can both civilian and military Cylons be promoted to Imperious Leader?
Is the position of Imperious Leader chosen exclusively from the ranks of either the IL's or the Command Centurions?
Or is it only the ILs and do Command Centurions have to move 'sideways' to IL class to be in the 'running'?
Does the IL specifically denote upgraded non-military models now eligible for advancement to the leadership? Could 'IL' stand for 'Imperious leader' (as in denoting promotion to a political leadership caste?) Like we have 'minister' and 'Prime Minister' is the Cylon political structure 'IL' and 'Imperious Leader'?
The IL's are clearly 'with added deviousness' so do they represent the political structure of the Cylon empire? Not 'militarily' outranking the Command Centurions, sometimes being subordinate to them, other times outranking them when the specific situation (The Garrison on Attilla) calls for a 'civilian' Governor?

I'm just throwing ideas out, sorry for the contradictions!
What do you Warriors think?
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As I was reading your post...it did occur to me that IL could stand for Imperious Leader...then I read you make the same point. Lucifer did remark that the Impersious Leader was of the same series as him, or something like that.

We see deception and disobedience in the Cylons....probably the qualities they want to elimate humans for possessing.

So it's not too hard to understand Baltar's news in THE SECOND COMING that there had been a Cylon Civil War......
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IL stood for Industrial Light (and Magic) which did their special effects. It was an in-joke.

Lucifer said Spectre was an older model of the IL series in The Young Lords.
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Default Re: Cylon Command structure and advancement.

My take, FWIW, was that all Cylons were constructed to fill the rank they occupy. No promotions or advacement, except when they need to choose a new Imperious Leader. ILs may be moved about laterally, but do not move "up" as we think of it. Of course, the ILs are so Human-like in mentality, that jockeying for position and power are to be expected. After all, the machines overthrew the organic Cylons, and that took ambition.
A Cylon civil war makes perefect sense, at some point.
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