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Dislaimers: Battlestar Galactica is owned by Universal City USA.

AJ Marks

The Battlestar Galactica led the ragtag fleet though space hoping to find Earth one day. So far there had been no signs of the Cylons lately. They had a lot of things that they needed to do but right now they were still trying to put as much distance from the Cylons as they could.

On board the battlestar Blue squad was getting ready for a patrol of the nearby systems. They never knew when they might run into Earth. It might take a while but they still had hope on board the ships. It had been a couple of yehrens but they were still traveling.

"Core command transferring launch controls to blue patrol," Rigel said to the patrol group.

"Transfer acknowledge," Apollo said.

"Blue squad launch when ready," Rigel said.

Starbuck and Apollo launched their vipers to begin their patrol. It was a routine duty that they did. Part of it was to inspect the ships of the fleet and then nearby systems.

"Apollo, did you hear what Colonel Tigh was saying yesterday," Starbuck said as they flew by one of the Argo ships.

"Yeah, it’s a bit strange," Apollo said.

"I know, he was saying that they found it strange that they were picking up a form of the Alpha com line this deep into space," Starbuck said.

"Boomer was saying that it’s possible for it to have bounced off something but he didn't know," Apollo replied.

"It could be the Pegasus trying to call for help," Starbuck said.

"Its possible but I think unlikely," Apollo said.

"Another mystery of the universe," Starbuck said as they turned to head to the nearby star system.

"Commander," a young woman said to the man standing in the center of the bridge.

"Yes Colonel," the commander replied.

"We're picking up some unusual energy in the nearby star system," she said.

"Interesting, set course to investigate," he said. The group of ships turned to head out to see what was causing the problems.

It did not take very long before they had arrived at the scene of the disturbance. The science officer had offered no real identification of what it could be. The attempts to scan it were very abnormal.

"Sir I don't think that we should be here," the colonel said as they looked at whatever it was in front of them.

"Perhaps your right," the commander said preparing to tell the fleet to give some distance from whatever it was.

Suddenly what appeared to be lighting streaked out from the abnormality towards the ships. The commander yelled for everyone to hang on but the ships were violently shaken as crew members were tossed to the deck and things were shaken all over. It felt like it went on for a long time before it was over.

The commander picked himself off the deck and looked around. The emergency lights were on giving the bridge the look like it had just been though a battle.

"Status report," he asked to the rest of the crew who were getting up as well. It was going to be a strange day he thought to himself.

"Power is coming back on line now commander," the report stated as the lighting returned to normal. "Getting reports from all over the ship. The rest of the fleet seems to be all right as well. Reports of some minor injuries."

"Good, let me know if there is anything else," the commander said.

"Commander, there is one thing," she said. "The scanners are picking up ships."

"Well there is a trading outpost nearby," the commander said. It was a stopping point on one of the major trade routes between different areas of the galaxy.

"No commander, this is coming up as Cylon," she said. Her comment spread though out the bridge in stunned silence.

"Cylon," he repeated. That was impossible.

"Yes sir," she replied. "I'm counting fours basestars not that far away from us."

The commander thought about it for a second before telling her to plot the course to intercept.

"Speak centurion," the leader of the basestar said to the two centurions in front of him.

"We are in position to destroy the Galactica and her fleet," the centurion said.

"Good, begin the attack at once," the leader said. It was mindful that he was close to destroying the human fleet than the human Baltar ever was. The destruction of the Galactica would further his career even more than it had been. The final hours of the human race was drawing to a close.

"Commander," Rigel said from her seat. "Multiple contacts heading our way."

"Source," Adama asked.

"They appear to be Cylon commander," Rigel said to him knowing that this was their worst nightmare.

"By the lords of Kobol," he said. The fleet was not ready to have the Cylons find them just yet. The factory ship was not ready and they had just began to think about converting one of the ships into a makeshift warship.

"Shall I scramble the viper squadrons," Tigh said.

"Yes," Adama said. It would be a battle for sure. He just wished he knew how many basestars he was up against. The red alert sounded on board the Galactica as the crew raced to their positions for the upcoming battle.

"Commander, a strike group just left the Cylon basestars but are not heading for us," the scanner operator said.

"Interesting," the commander said. "Can you tell where they are headed?"

"I'm picking up a fleet on long range scans," the operator said. "It appears to be made up of a lot of private ships, merchant ships, a few tankers, a few argo ships and passenger ships."

"This is getting a bit more interesting all the time, anything else," the commander said.

"Hold on, picking up a warship," the operator said. "Battlestar class."

"A battlestar, here impossible," the commander said.

"Sir, it’s the Galactica," the operator said leaving stunned silence in the bridge.

The commander felt numb at what he had just heard. It was impossible that the Galactica was here. He had seen it himself two yehrens ago when the battlestar had exploded. It was a legend now and the entire crew were heroes in the war against the Cylons.

"Set course to intercept. Tell all vipers squadrons to prepare to launch. We fight Cylons today," he said to the group.

"Commander, another incoming fleet, this one just on the edge of our scanner range," Rigel said.

"Two Cylon fleets, they are not playing around this time," Adama said as he thought about ways that they might survive this attack. "Put the Galactica at the rear of the fleet closest to where the Cylons will attack the fleet."

"Yes commander," Omega replied plotting the course that the warship would have to take.

It did seem a bit odd to Omega that the ships of the second fleet were not heading directly towards the fleet. The heading was more towards the other fleet. He decided that he would try and run a scan of the incoming ships. What came back surprised him.

"Commander, there is something that you should see here," Omega said.

Adama quickly walked over to where Omega was to see what it was that Omega was talking about. He glanced down at the scanner then back at Omega.

"I'm running a diagnostic right now commander," Omega said as they both looked at the scanner.

"Humans," Adama said.

"And we're identifying at least one battlestar in the group of ships," Omega said.

"The Pegasus," Adama said. "See if you can establish communications."

"On it commander," Omega said.

"Commander we're getting an incoming communication from the Galactica," the operator said. The frequency is a bit strange so we have audio only."

"Put it though," the commander said.

"This is the Galactica to nearby fleet, Cain if that's you we could use your help here," they heard the voice say.

"This is the battlestar Atlantia, how can we be of assistance," the commander said still not quite over the shock of hearing a voice from the Galactica.

There was a lot of silence on the other end as they waited for the reply. The commander kept his fleet on course to intercept the Cylons.

"Any reply yet," the commander asked.

"None yet commander," the operator said.

"Tell all squadrons to prepare to launch. They are to target all Cylon craft and engage and destroy," the commander said. "We'll find out what's going on after this mess is all cleared up."

"Yes sir," the reply came.

"Adama," Tigh's voice said cutting though the bridge as they heard who was replying. "It just can't be."

"I know colonel," Adama said. "There is no way that this is the Atlantia. We all saw it destroyed at Cimtar."

"But they are registering as human on our scanners," Tigh said not believing what he was seeing and hearing. "It could be a Cylon trap."

"Yes, that though crossed my mind. The only problem is I don't see many other options right now," Adama said. If they tried to run the Cylons would destroy them. If it was a trap the Cylons would destroy them. However if it was not a trap then they would be able to help them. "Maintain course for right now. If they are here to help us then they will intercept the Cylons."

"Yes commander, what about a reply," Tigh asked.

"I'm working on it. In the mean time tell our pilots that they might be receiving some reinforcements but to be careful about it," Adama said to him.
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Starbuck heard the announcement by Rigel that they might be receiving some reinforcements. He was not sure that he heard what she said correctly.

"Apollo, did I hear correctly or did she say reinforcements," Starbuck asked.

"That's what I though she said," Boomer said piping up from his viper.

"What are they doing, making new vipers as we speak," Starbuck said.

"I don't know," Apollo said. "Just concentrate on your job right now."

Starbuck zeroed in on another Cylon raider and blew destroyed it. It would not be much longer before they were really outnumbered.

"Incoming fighter, their vipers," Boomer said.

"More vipers, from where," Starbuck asked his voice having a bit of hesitation in it.

The incoming ships attacked the Cylon raiders with the same zeal as the Galactica pilots. The tide began to turn against the Cylons.

"Report centurion," the basestar commander said.

"The battle does not go well for us,” the centurion replied.

"Explain," the commander said.

"New Colonial warriors have engaged the battle," the centurion said.

"Impossible," the commander said.

"Scanners have also detected an incoming Colonial fleet," the centurion said.

"Engage and destroy then," the commander said.

"By your command," the centurion said then turned and left the room.

"Cylon basestars are heading in out direction commander," the scanner operator said.

"Away from the Galactica then," the commander said.

"Yes sir," was his answer.

"Good, prepare to engage," the commander said. "We'll be better able to survive than those civilian ships. Tell all ships to fire at will."

The moment that the Cylons basestars were in range the ships opened fire on each other.

On board the Galactica the bridge crew was watching what was going on with interest. But they also had several Cylon raiders to worry about as well.

"Incoming raider," Omega said. The Galactica's batteries opened up on the raider but it managed to avoid the fire and crashed on the alpha landing bay causing damage to the bay.

"Fire control to Alpha landing bay," Tigh said as the crew raced to begin damage control.

"We won't be able to maintain our fighters effectively with only one landing bay commander," Omega said to Adama.

"I know," Adama said. He was wondering if the newcomers would house a few of their fighters for a while. He would ask once the fighting was over. It might also be a good way to find out what was going on.

"Commander, the last basestar has been destroyed," the report came.

"Good, any news from the Galactica," the commander said. It still felt strange to him to be saying that name.

"Incoming message now," the man replied. "The Galactica also has damage to its landing bays."

"This is Atlantia, what assistance can we provide you with," the commander said.

"Our landing bays are damaged, could you take some of our fighters," the voice from the Galactica asked.

"Not a problem," the commander said.

"Good," the reply came. "I look forward to meeting with you then at a later date then."

"Agreed," the commander replied.

"Sir, the Galactica is housing twice the normal complement," the scanner operator said.

"That's interesting then, perhaps we'll get our answers soon," the commander said.

Starbuck, Apollo and Boomer were the first ones to touch down on board the Atlantia which had helped them out in the battle. It seemed a bit strange to be landing on board a ship that you knew had been destroyed.

Apollo jumped out and waited for Starbuck to climb out of his viper as well. Once Boomer had landed as well they began to look around. Apollo froze as he looked across the way at another person who was staring right back at them.

"What's wrong," Starbuck asked seeing Apollo's face then turned to see what he was sure was a ghost.

"Zac," Apollo said swallowing hard at what he was seeing.

"Apollo, Starbuck," the man said also in disbelief.

"It can't be, you were killed at the peace conference at Cimtar," Apollo said.

"No, you were," Zac said. "You and Starbuck ran into trouble on the patrol."

"I didn't go on the patrol, you took my place," Starbuck said.

"You didn't let me," Zac said to Starbuck.

"Well this is getting confusing," Boomer said.

"And fast," Zac said. "Perhaps you should meet with the commander and talk some more. He'll be down in just a moment."

The door to the elevator opened and a man dressed in the officer's uniform walked out of the elevator.

Zac watched as the men in front o him went to anger.

"Baltar," Apollo said.

The commander walked down to the hanger area of the battlestar to meet with the pilots who had landed on the hanger. Perhaps from them he could figure out what was going on. Questions from where did the Cylons come from to how did the Galactica survive?

The doors to the elevator opened and he walked out not expecting to see what he saw. Three pilots were standing there along with one Zac, one of his squadron leaders. That's when he heard one of them speak.

"Baltar," the man said almost as if it was a curse word. He then recognized the men. One was Captain Apollo, and the other as Lieutenant Starbuck. That confused him even more.

"Captain, Lieutenant," Baltar said his brow furrowing in confusion as to why they were hostile to him.

"What's the ruse this time Baltar," Apollo said.

"Ruse, what ruse, we're trying to figure out how it is the heroes of Cimtar are alive," Baltar said. He had seen the scanner display when their fighters had been destroyed.

"Heroes of Cimtar, you're the one who betrayed us there Baltar," Starbuck said.

"That allowed the Cylons to destroy the colonies," Apollo said.

By this time others were beginning to stop and listen. Many had surprised looks on their faces.

"We were the ones to surprise the Cylons at Cimtar," Zac said finally speaking up. "Baltar came to father after the Cylons came to him. The military worked out a surprise for the Cylons and we crushed them so badly they never recovered."

"What," Apollo said confused.

"Perhaps we should retreat to a more comfortable place," Baltar said. "Is your father commanding the Galactica?"

"Yes, but you know that," Apollo said still not sure what was going on. It was something that was very strange to him and he was not about to let his guard down just yet.

The group walked into the room and sat down while they tried to figure out what happened. To each side there was confusion in their words which made no sense.

"Why don't you tell us what happened," Apollo said watching Baltar carefully.

"When the Cylons approached me I was skeptical. I talked with your father about it one day. He was the one who convinced me that they would not be suing for peace. They had made me a deal that if I helped them I would control my home world completely," Baltar said. "Complete power like that is not something one easily walks away from."

The three looked at each other as they listened to what Baltar had to say. Starbuck wondered how many would be able to walk away from such an offering of power.

"With you're father's help we planned an ambush for the Cylons at Cimtar. The fleet was there, all five battlestars. But instead of having out defenses down they were up and we were waiting for the attack. You two were on patrol near the moon," Baltar said pointing to Apollo and Starbuck. "You spotted the attack fleet and were on you're way back to warn us. They jammed your transmissions. It was only because we saw your ships fighting the Cylons at such a long distance that we knew where the Cylons were coming from. They destroyed your fighters before the rest of the fleet could get to you."

Baltar wondered what was going though their minds as he was telling his story. There was something that was going on for sure. He would have to wait to see what it was.

"During the fighting we lost the Galactica and Commander Adama. Once the fighters had been destroyed the remaining ships headed into the Colonies to attack baseships that now were without fighter protection. They lost seven baseships that day," Baltar said.

"Then in a bold move the Pegasus came back with Commander Cain. The loss of so many baseships allowed him a free passage back. He took command of the fleet and we ran straight to the Cylon home world destroying the Cylons for good," Baltar said finishing up his tale. "It seems that you remember the events differently though?"

"Just a bit, you never came to Commander Adama," Apollo said. "And the fleet was destroyed. The Atlantia was the first to go. The defenses of the Colonies had been disabled and our worlds were leveled."

"And the fleet that the Galactica leads," Baltar said.

"They are all that's left of our people," Starbuck said.

There was a bit of silence in the room as they heard what Starbuck had just said. It was not what they were expecting to hear.

"I’d like to talk to my father now," Apollo said.

"OF course, we finally have the bugs out of the communications between our ships," Baltar said.

"Bugs," Boomer said.

"Yes we were having trouble with the audio, some sort of phase shift that needed to be accounted for," Baltar said.

"I see," Boomer said thinking about what he had just been told.
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Adama stood on the bridge waiting for the damage reports to all finish. He had been told that Apollo, Starbuck and Boomer had landed on one of the new comer's battlestars.

"Incoming message from Captain Apollo," Omega said. Both Adama and Tigh went over to see the screen.

"Apollo," Adama said glad that his son was all right.

"Things are a bit interesting father," Apollo replied. "You won't believe what I've been told."

Adama sat back waiting to hear what his son had to say.

"The commander of the ship is Baltar," Apollo said watching his father's eyes become real concerned. "There's more, Zac is here as well."

"Zac," Adama said still trying to recover from the shock of hearing about Baltar.

"Yes, it seems a bit strange but they are saying that we won Cimtar and beat the Cylons," Apollo said.

"Seems a bit impossible to me," Adama said.

"Maybe not," Boomer's voice said from behind Apollo.

"What do you mean," Apollo asked.

"I did some checking and you know how I think about strange theories and such," Boomer said.

"Yeah, your always talking about some theories about wave lengths and such," Starbuck said. Most of the time it went over his head anyways.

"Well, the reason why they had a problem with the audio communication and the reason why they have a different history is they are from a different dimension," Boomer said.

"Different dimension," Apollo said a bit skeptical.

"No, he just might be on to something Apollo," Adama said thinking about it. He would like to meet this Commander Baltar and see for himself.

"I'll be over shortly," Adama said.

Adama stepped out of the shuttle onto the deck of the Atlantia. It was a ship that he had not been on since the peace conference. He had also seen it destroyed not much longer after he had left it.

"Commander Adama, welcome aboard," Baltar said looking at Adama.

"Baltar," Adama said in a civilized tone remembering what Boomer said.

"It is good to see you," Baltar said. "You are held in high regard back home."

Adama looked around and noticed that many of the crew was looking at him in partly in awe and partly like they had just seen a ghost.

"I take it that Apollo has told you everything," Baltar said.

"Yes, and another one of my men said something as well. That we might be from different dimensions," Adama said.

"That would explain a lot," Baltar said. "My communications expert stated the same thing, perhaps they are correct."

"It would make sense. Where we come from you would be tried for war crimes against humanity," Adama said.

"So I've been told," Baltar said. From what he had been told he came to the conclusion that if he had not gone to Adama then this would be their fate.

"Perhaps we should talk," Adama said. He was not feeling anything of what he normally felt with Baltar. There was something sincere in the way the man was talking to him. They made their way to the commander's office to sit down and talk.

"There is a lot to discuss," Baltar said as the door opened and Apollo, Starbuck and Boomer entered followed by another person. Adama had to blink his eyes as he saw the figure standing there.

"Father," Zac said.

"Zac, I-I can't believe it’s you," Adama said looking at his son for the first time since that dreadful day.

"Me neither," Zac said. "But then again in a strange way you're not my father if everything is true," he said trying to figure it all out.

"Doesn't matter if you're from a different dimension or not," Adama finally said. "How is you're mother?"

"Fine, misses you," Zac said not saying how heartbroken she was at losing her husband, a son, and a daughter.

"She always was the stronger one," Adama said then turned to Baltar. "We still have a lot to discuss."

"Yes, I've heard you're story," Baltar said. "It seems that I betray the fleet which is destroyed by the Cylons along with the Colonies."

"And in you're story you come to me and we defeat the Cylons," Adama said.

"Just about covers it," Baltar said.

"So whose dimension are we in," Starbuck said. "Are we in yours or are you in ours?"

"Good question," Adama said. "Perhaps one we should find out."

"I'd suggest sending a signal then to fleet headquarters," Baltar said.

"No, we can't risk it. If we're in our dimension then they Cylons can pick up the signal and find out where we are," Adama said. "Its a risk we cannot take."

"I see, then we contact Earth," Baltar said.

"Earth," everyone from the Galactica exclaimed.

"You haven't contacted Earth yet," Baltar said.

"No," Adama said.

"I see," Baltar said. He then informed the bridge to send a signal to Earth to see if there was a response. It should not take that long.

"Commander, no response from Earth command," the bridge said.

"Then I guess that settles that question," Baltar said.

"I guess so," Adama said. "Now what?"

"If the colonies are gone then there is only one thing to do," Baltar said looking at Adama. "We go with you to Earth."

"We will welcome it," Adama said.

"Commander," a voice broke though.

"Yes," Baltar said.

"We're picking up the mysterious energy readings again," the bridge officer said.

"Energy readings," Apollo said.

"Just before we made contact with you we encountered a mysterious energy reading. It's probably what caused this in the first place," Baltar said.

"We should probably get back to the Galactica then," Apollo said. "We would not want to be on board if anything happens."

"Probably a good idea," Adama said. "Head on to you're vipers then."

"Commander, I can send over some replacement vipers if you want and supplies," Baltar said.

"If you can," Adama said.

Baltar radioed the bridge quickly listing off what he wanted done and how. In a few minutes the crews of the fleet were rushing around shuttling supplies back and forth with a speed that they normally did not do.

"Commander, a word in private if I might," Baltar said.

"All right," Adama said sitting down again.

"I never got to say this, but you were right," Baltar said. "I never fully understood until just now how right you were."

"I was," Adama said not sure that he really understood what Baltar was saying.

"I've lived the life of a hero ever since Cimtar, but you were the real hero. I was still torn with the Cylons right until the battle really began. You told me that the Cylons would not keep their word and I had a doubt until just now. Now I know that I made the right decision," Baltar said.

"I wish that it had for my people as well," Adama said.

"We'll see," Baltar said as he got up along with Adama. "Here," Baltar said placing something in Adama's hands.

"What's this," Adama asked.

"Earth, and what you'll find. Be careful they don't remember Kobal. We fought them for almost a half yehren," Baltar said.

"We will," Adama said.

Tigh watched as the mass of shuttles ran from the ships of the mysterious fleet to the ships of their fleet. Already there was new stores of food, supplies, ammo, and replacement fighters. Parts to repair the scanners for the Galactica were brought over along with supplies to help keep several of the other ships flying. Adama had come back a bit more somber than he had gone over. The mysterious energy readings were still there and they were wondering what was going to happen.

"How are the supply transfers coming," Adama asked.

"It just finished a few microns ago. The last of their shuttles are heading back to their ships," Tigh said.

They were about to say more when the readings from the energy cloud intensified. Suddenly lightning lashed out as Adama yelled for the crew to race for impact. They waited but nothing happened.

"Report," Adama asked.

"Everything seems to be just fine, but Atlantia's fleet is gone," Rigel said.

"They've returned to where they came from I guess," Adama said.

"I guess so commander, what's that," he said spotting something that Adama was fiddling with in his hands.

"Earth," Adama said. "And some info for once we get there."

The End
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