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Default Interviews with Terry Carter, Noah Hathaway, and Robert Feero


MAD and I wanted to let you all know that the December issue of our online magazine is up and has interviews that we did with Terry Carter, Noah Hathaway, and Robert Feero (Bora). It's on


On the BSG side, the interview includes things like Terry talking about Tigh's relationship with Adama, Noah talking about how he got the role of Boxey, and Robert Feero talking about how he imagined the code of a Borellian Nomen.

In addition to BSG, Terry talks about how he became the first black television news anchor, Noah talks about almost being permanently injured from filming "Neverending Story", and Robert talks about working with George Lucas in THX 1138.

Hope you guys enjoy it.
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The site, presented in an online monthly magazine, focuses on all people in front of and behind the camera of the series. In the coming months we'll be publishing interviews that will broaden the spectrum of stories out today. Many have never been interviewed and have plenty of stories worth reading.

Next to talking them about Galactica we'll also look at the person's career before and after Galactica. So if you ever wondered: "What ever happened to...?", this is the place to visit!

Also fans with unique stories to tell are invited to contact us for publication on the website. So, have you built a 10 feet battlestar and want to show us how you did it or are you making props and you want to show some of it to other fans or do you collect some special BSG items, you want to share? Contact us!

Also fans who'd like to write reviews on Richard Hatch' books (or any BSG book out there; see the BSG 1978 News section for a review on the new comics), the toys or other pieces of memorabilia are welcomed to do so.

Have you figured out how the inside of the viper looks and care to explain your vision on the instruments? Have you drawn a section of the battlestar and like to talk about how you think all rooms are connected? Have you always wanted to write an analysis on how Glen Larson used history or religion in the storyline? Did you write some good fanfiction and are looking for a platform to publish it? Contact us!

I hope to see you all soon!
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