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Default Hatch Podcast

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Thanks for posting this link.

It was an interesting listen, although it is mostly TNS and relating to the people in TNS. Then again he does make a number of comments at the expense of Universal studio execs....ie his new bosses ! There is some TOS content and he's very open and honest......its an interesting listen..........but I do summarise it as mostly a TNS discussion.
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Thanks for the Heads up Ernie because even though I like Richard and appreciate everything he has done for the original series and the fans, I'm still not even remotly interested in anything to do with GINO so I think I will pass on giving it a listen and have a good nights sleep instead.

Thanks for putting the link up John because there are others here that will enjoy it and I respect that.

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Richard did mention a few things I've already taken to heart. Reguardless the subject matter, people just might learn something from him.
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He sounds very happy to have been involved in two shows called "Battlestar Galactica."
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He did make a comment that sounded like a slam towards "the alphabet network". I did get a kick out of the comment about "the higher up the executives are, the less oxygen there is and the more brian cells that die." I agree with that comment. I've had to deal with that dealing with my previous employer. I'm sure we've all been there, no matter the occupation.
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Richard has quite a history of shooting from the lip. In several interviews he's admitted a knack for saying things that buck the system.
My fav one is from Starlog when he say he tried out for Star Wars, then later for Raiders. On seeing George Lucas for the second time he proceeded to tell him how he could have made Star Wars better "that was the end of my career. I learned a big lesson: if you have something to say, unless somebody asks, don't offer it!.(Starlog Reporter Dec/Feb issue 98/99)

You've got to admire the courage of his convictions, but it does make you wonder what damage it does.

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