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Star Trek ENT Final Production Report - 03/10/2005

Looks like this is it:


Production Report: Final Enterprise Episode Wraps

As this is the last Production Report for a while, STARTREK.COM would like to thank writer Sandy Stone for putting these together, plus the Enterprise cast, crew and production offices for their support and help over the years. We wish everyone the best of luck in all of your future endeavors and we look forward to talking with you in the future, in order to reflect on the past. Live long and, well, you know the rest. - Ed.

After an eventful final day of shooting on Tuesday, the sets are being struck, departments are finalizing their affairs, and the actors are clearing out their trailers as photography on Star Trek: Enterprise has wrapped for the final time.

The series finale is called "These Are the Voyages ..." and it's probably no secret by now that this last episode of the Star Trek prequel features two very special guest stars: Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis.

We are keeping mum on story details right now, but Frakes and Sirtis are indeed playing their Next Generation personas Riker and Troi. As co-executive producer Manny Coto mentioned in a recent interview, the finale does not involve time travel — the most we'll tell you here is that it does involve the Holodeck.

Another guest star in this episode is Jeffrey Combs, getting blue one last time as the Andorian "Shran."

Production number 98 commenced late in the day on Friday, February 25, after half a day was spent completing episode 97, "Terra Prime." That Friday was the day of the "Save Enterprise" rally which took place in front of the Paramount main gate (related story). In fact, the demonstrating fans caught glimpses of Frakes and Sirtis arriving in their cars. And when Combs reported for work and parked on the lot, he immediately came back out to the gate to visit with the demonstrators. Anthony Montgomery was another cast member who came out and spoke to the crowd.

During the eight-day principal photography schedule (one day longer than usual), most of the shooting took place on standing NX-01 sets, but there were new sets constructed to represent 24th-century locales. Among them: Ten Forward, the Observation Lounge, Troi's Quarters, and TNG-style Corridors. We will also see scenes in the Hologrid, but those were shot in front of a greenscreen for rendering later.

Click on the link at the top for the full article
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