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Default Is a Jericho movie in the works?

Is a Jericho movie in the works?

Jon Turteltaub, one of the executive producers of CBS' defunct Jericho, told iF Magazine that he and his partners are developing a feature-film version of the post-apocalyptic series.

"We're developing a feature for Jericho," Turteltaub told the magazine. "It would not require you to have seen the TV show, but it gets into life after an event like this on a national scale. It would be the bigger, full-on American version of what's going on beyond the town in Jericho."

Jericho starred Skeet Ulrich and Ashley Scott and told the story of the survivors in a small Kansas town of a nuclear attack on the United States. Canceled by CBS after a lackluster first season, the show came back for a short second season after the network acceded to a massive fan campaign—involving the mailing of tons of peanuts. When the ratings failed to improve, the show ended with a series finale that wrapped up the storyline.

Turteltaub, who also directed many of the series' episodes, added that he hopes to get the cast back. "Oh yeah!" he said. And would it be a huge budget? "Anything would be a huge budget compared to what we were dealing with," he said. "If we had $40 million to make a movie with, that's 20 times more than we did before."

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Default Re: Is a Jericho movie in the works?

I hope and pray that this does come to pass. I guarantee that I will be in attendance at the theater if it does.

I finally was able to carve out some time to watch this show.. I had the 1st season DVD.

My God. I'm sorry that I missed it on its initial run. I enjoyed it so much that I went out and got the 2nd season DVD before I finished the first one.

(IMO) There was a lot that was done right, with this show.
  • Good premise.
  • Likable characters.
  • Dislikable characters.
  • Multiple storylines, subplots.
  • Believable story, characters.

Yep. Very well done.

Like I said earlier, I'm just sorry I missed it the first time through.

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Default Re: Is a Jericho movie in the works?

Getting out to the movies probably wouldn't be a priority for this one for me (that only happens a handful of times/year.) I would at least rent it and possibly buy a dvd though. I do think it was extremely well done—a "24" with actually believable characters responding to the aftermath of such a devastating event as Jericho began with.

Because of the time of night it originally aired and the subject matter, I couldn't watch it when most of it aired. Sometimes I wish networks would remember "family" viewing times vs. adult/teen viewing times. Jericho was the latter. I think it's ratings would have held up better, at a later hour.

I hope they make it happen. Sometimes I think there really is a J&R running things IRL! It would explain a lot, wouldn't it? Economic chaos instead of radiation-caused chaos...
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