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Cool RH, SG1, Atlantis and Farscape at Comic-con

Richard Hatch was given 1.5 hours on Friday at Comic-con during which he presented The Great War of Magellan (GWoM) trailer and The Second Coming trailer. The GWoM trailer was great, he only showed his shorter version, 4 minutes. The artist for the GWoM comic was a couple seats from me and spent the entire time sketching, it was amazing watching a talented artist work, especially since I can't draw a thing.

He also showed the The Second Coming trailer which was longer than the one I saw many years ago. For those of you who haven't seen it, I'm sorry, your missing out on what you have wanted BG to become. He spent much of the time answering questions and the other hot topic is his upcoming role on BG04. He had previously refused to do a cameo role on the show because he refuses to do cameos on anything but he told RDM that if he wrote a character he found interesting to play as an actor he would do it and RDM did write a character he wanted to play. He was nervous about meeting the crew in Canada considering all the hate mail they got because of him and was surprised by the warm welcome they all gave him. Jamie Bamber explained to Richard that he considered himself to be Lee Adama and that Richard was and would always be Apollo. He had some other anecdotes that I can't remember right now, for anyone that has heard Richard talk you know he can go on about so much.

I do have a beef about Herb Jefferson Jr.. According to Comic-con regulations the talent are supposed to provide one signature for any attendee either in the souvenir book or on one item provided by the attendee and that they can not require a purchase for this one signature. He refused to sign the item I brought unless I bought a $20 photo and then he would sign the photo and the item I brought, for free. I didn't argue the rule with him, I figure if he doesn't have any respect for his audience than he lost my respect and I don't want his signature. I got the impression he is just using his audience cash in on his name recognition. I am spoiled by the graciousness of Richard Hatch who will willingly sign anything that you bring up and even more than one item. I had him sign my copy and my sister-in-law's copy of Destiny, which I didn't buy from him, as well as a BG item I have had since 1979 that I repeatedly forgot to bring to earlier cons. I think this is why he will always have the support of the fans, he deserves it.

Sorry for those fans of the new show, I didn't stay for their panel which followed Richard's, I needed to at least make an appearance at work.

On to other things, I missed most of the StarGate SG1 panel, traffic was a nightmare, it turned out to be faster to walk from the parking lots than to take the free shuttle buses. I did catch some of the questions and Michael Shanks talking about the guest appearance of Claudia Black and that she kicked his **s. Their panel was followed by the Atlantis cast which was fun to watch. They didn't reveal anything new except that they will get back to Earth someday.

Farscape-WOW! They showed a trailer of the mini made just for Comic-con. The panel included David Kemper, Rockne O'Bannon, Brian Henson, Claudia Black, Ben Browder and Tom Vitale, from the scifi channel. Claudia got up and took pictures of the audience and of her and Ben at the table and had a funny story of getting carjacked and the mini script stolen. David Kemper and Brian Henson made mention many times that this is not the end for Farscape the mini is in essence everything they had mapped out for season 5 compressed into 4 hours so be ready for an action packed show. They also cautioned that it has a traditional Farscape ending and "Don't watch it alone". Claudia confirmed that while on StarGate she kicked Shank's **s and Ben said he would only agree to be on the show if he got to do the same thing. There was so much stuff said that I can't even remember it all now so if I think of more to post I will but be ready to be blown away Oct. 17-18.

I also attended the Serenity panel where Joss surprised everyone with the entire cast of Firefly, to read more go look at Rowan's great posts in the misc. section.

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