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Exclamation Update from JMS

Update from JMS

From ISN News (The Zocalo Today):

Here is an update from JMS as gleaned from the B5 moderated newsgroup:

Date: Sun, Jan 30 2005 2:23 pm
From: jmsatb5@aol.com (Jms at B5)

I know I've been hunkered down a bit of late, and there have been very good reasons for it...which someday I suspect I will be able to tell, perhaps in the form of another fairy tale....

So in the interim, a quick roundup.

I'd say that the next two weeks are going to be critical for the future of TMoS (The Memory of Shadows). There have been a variety of conversations about a variety of things and people, and some offers are starting to go out to various individuals...so we shall see what we shall see.

On the subject of the Crusade DVD commentary...I see another fairy tale looming in the future... WB has agreed, after quite a bit of noise, to remove the commentary that I did from all future pressings of the set, since that was the deal that we had made: use it all, including the explanation of what happened, or use none of it. So those of you who have your DVDs now, and for the next bit, will have that commentary. Those afterward won't. I don't know when the next pressing will be, but whenever that is, is when the change takes place.

AOL as some have noted is closing down its newsgroup system, so I'm going to have to retrench. Consequently, I may be offline for a bit...though I'll likely be off regardless for the next bit while the dust settles on TMoS.

I've added a comics convention appearance in Canada this summer, but I'll let the con in question do the announcing at the proper time rather than pre-empting them.

In February at one point I'll also be in Toronto to co-direct my radio drama series "The Adventures of Apocalypse Al" for CBC Radio. It should be a great deal of fun. It's kind of Monty Python Meets The Maltese Falcon En Route To the End of the World.

In relation to the comics stuff...my first issue of Fantastic Four (entitled "Distant Music") will be coming out in June, the same month that my graphic novel Dream Police *finally* hits the stores. Mike Deodato has had to squeeze in the artwork between issues of Amazing Spider-Man, but it's been worth the wait. It's just gorgeous...very film noir but also very funny.

We've also found an artist finally for The Book of Lost Souls, which will be debuting from Marvel in September. I can't reveal her name yet, because that has to come through Marvel, but she's a very well known and popular artist.

Finally, for those of you who know Fiona Avery's work from Crusade, B5 and her own comics, I'm informed that her first novel, "The Crown Rose," is due to come out in hardcover from Prometheus Books. It's a historical fantasy set in Medieval France and quite good. You can locate the book at:

The Crown Rose

It would be great if the B5 fans out there could give this book a great send-off.

More on other stuff when I can post it.

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Thanks for the info SciFi.

"Only the dead have seen the end of war." - Plato
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