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Default Re: Richard Hatch has passed away (Is this a rumor?)

Originally Posted by Maga View Post
Been meaning to come in here and post about Richard's passing, but up until now my mind kept clouding up and going blank. I met him at Dragoncon several times, his Battlestar panel was one of the highlights of the convention for me. I loved the Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming, it gave me hope for a continuation of the original although it wasn't meant to be. His involvement in the reimagined BSG was a great performance as Zarek. I had high hopes for his Great War of Magellan project, and am grateful for what there is of it, but still bummed that there likely wont be anything further from it. Speaking with him at Dragoncon, the few times I saw him, was wonderful. It's kinda cliche to say it, but he truly was a class act, and he embraced a shared love of the science fiction genre with myself and every other fan I saw him speak with. I miss him, as we all do, and still get choked up and teary eyed, and then I put in the original Battlestar Galactica, and I feel like a kid again... home in the stars, on the run from the Cylons... in that ragtag fleet on a lonely quest for a shining planet known as Earth.

I raise my horn full of mead, Ambrosia, the Nectar of the Gods, and salute you, all hail Apollo.


Welcome to the Fleets!!

Very nice tribute. It comes from the heart. With the exception of never having met him, I could see myself saying those words.

There was once a remark that I heard from an old country doctor, in another universe, who said that "he's not really gone as long as we remember".

I like to think that's true.

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Default Re: Richard Hatch has passed away (Is this a rumor?)

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Default Re: Richard Hatch has passed away

I got on here and even though I knew on Facebook that Richard Hatch had passed, the same pain hit me again when I saw the topic of this message.

Hard to believe he's gone. So active and alive. Had some good conversations with him. One time while he was in town I invited him to a local renn faire which he said that was how he started as a juggler. Always seemed like the older brother I never had. And in truth, I think he made a lot of us feel that way.
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Default Re: Richard Hatch has passed away

Originally Posted by Jubal View Post
Always seemed like the older brother I never had. And in truth, I think he made a lot of us feel that way.
Yes, and it started for me in 1978...
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