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Default My story of going to see X-Men2.

As I mention previously, I not only purchased one advance ticket for a Sunday evening show but also decided to purchase three and treat my friends as well because Singer and DeSanto deserved my hard-earned cash.

Unfortunately, my two other friends could not make the show the following day.

My one friend who started his first game Sunday morning in a menís softball league got a bad injury diving into 2nd base. Lets just say he had to get three stitches above his right eye and he lost his eyebrow as well in the process.

My other friend told me he ate some bad fish for lunch and got diarrhea. I didnít believe him so I went to his house with a bottle of pepto. When I got there I didnít get three words in before he ran to the bathroom in a hurry. Still I was skeptical until I put my ear on the bathroom door and sure enough his ass sounded like a chainsaw. So I decided to drive off by myself figuring maybe I will either see it by myself and eat the other two tickets because I was dying to see this movie.

I arrived at the lobby about twenty minutes before ShowTime. The first thing that caught my eye was some guy that I vaguely recognize from my local pub. Itís a local place where all the construction workers, plumbers, builders, electricians, secretaries and web designers goes every Thursday for early evening happy hour.

With him were his two sons. One of them looked about 11 years old and the other looked about 8. I noticed that the 8-year-old kid had a Wolverine shirt on and that both kids looked a bit on the sad side. When I overheard this man trying to cheer his two kids up by promising to take them next weekend, I looked up at the sign and noticed that all the X-Men 2 shows (on 2 screens) were sold out.

I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but I was able to put two and two together and figured that they had their heart set on seeing X2 and was let down because of the sellout.

I immediately approached him and gave him my 3 tickets and told him and his kids to enjoy the show. This guy was so thankful that he offered to give me thirty dollars but I declined. He kept on insisting that I take the money but I told him to just buy me a beer the next time he sees me at the tavern. I told him that the money was not necessary because the other two tickets were only going to go to waste anyway.

As I watched them head back towards the theater I realized that the real truth was that I was overwhelmed by the joy I had given those two kids and the father who didnít want to let them down. Watching that one kidís eyes light up when I gave his father the tickets was priceless.

As for me, I still canít wait to see X-Men 2.

So please people, becareful posting spoilors!
"If you agree with us, then this is the show for you. If not, then thanks for coming, but the popcorn is in a different aisle."

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Scooter here is one on me.
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that was real cool of you to do that scooter. if the old saying is true what goes around comes around, then you are in store for a great good to be done for you. hope you enjoy the show when you get to see it.

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Default I also had an experience

I, my brother, and his stepson decided to see X-2 saturday night. I was able to get tickets, but the people behind me were a few cents short.

They were talking to the box office lady asking that even though they were short a few cents, could they still let them in. The lady said yes.

However I didn't want to see anyone shortchanged so I took out the remaining money they needed out of my own pocket. The group was grateful, and so was the box office lady.

It may not have been much, but every little bit helped.
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I have always held that the folks on this board are some of the best you'll ever meet, JSC1 and Scooter2000, this is for you

Well done.
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That was a GREAT thing you did, Scooter! Pat yourself on the back for being such a good guy!

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It's nice to see people acting like Colonial Warriors in real life!

Well done,

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Even my wife was impressed, Scooter, JSC1.

Good going! On me.

I am
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Nice, Scooter! A very gentlemanly thing to do. Well done.


P.S. It was great! Hope you get to enjoy it soon.
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Thumbs up Great to hear that!

Ya know, even though X2 is getting tons of people going to see it in the States and here in the U.K.

When i saw it last week Thursday afternoon, in London where the premiere was held. Many people went to see X2 alot. but it didn't sell out? Only thing that does is the midnight showings on weekends.

Nice to hear the story of your good deeds Scooter

X3 is already on exec minds, but we got another 3 years before that happens. With tons of people flooding cinemas within the first week and a half, X2 will make close to 400 million or 500 million like Spider-Man did quite easy. I got faith in X2, i'm already thinking about how great the X2 DVD will be by years end?

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