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Default TOS rank structure

My thoughts on TOS rank structure is that it was based very loosely on whether you were an officer, NCO or Warrior Basic. For the beige uniforms, two pins on the collar would indicate an officer (ie - captain, lieutenant, ensign), one pin would indicate an NCO (ie - sergeant, corporal), and no pins would indicate a warrior basic. For blue uniforms which would signify command staff, two pins with a medallion would indicate a commander, two pins only would signify a colonel and captain, one pin would signify a lieutenant and ensign, and no pins would indicate an NCO (ie - sergeant, corporal).
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Default Re: TOS rank structure

Although a good theory, it doesn't hold up. Jolly, in the first few Sps was a Flight Sgt. But had 2 insignia on his collar. Greenbean, was an ensign, but only had one insignia pin on his collar.

I'd have to check screen grabs again, but did Dietra have insignia pins? we know she was a Lt from dialog, but I don't remember if she had any insignia. I believe Athena only wore 1 insignia pin on her blue uniform but possibly 2 when she was in tans.

And Serena wore no insignia pins at all, but she was never given a rank as far as I know.
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Default Re: TOS rank structure

Originally Posted by Reaper View Post
And Serena wore no insignia pins at all, but she was never given a rank as far as I know.

The only time that I could think where her rank may have been mentioned was when Apollo walked in on their training class, in LPOTG. As a matter of fact, now that I think about it, I think he called her "Cadet Serina".
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Default Re: TOS rank structure

I think consistancy was a problem. On the GoIPZ, all the cadets had a single pin. In SAGA, Athena had two pins in a beige uniform (as a shuttle pilot), then a blue uniform with a single pin. Yet in LPotG, she had no pins. Jolly was referred to as a lieutenant in Greetings from Earth and in the SAGA novelization. Over all I thought that this was the best explanation as I could not tell the difference as far as braids go (referring to earlier explanations).

My basic premise was that in earlier colonial armies (French and Indian wars) the only difference between an officer and the rank and file was a gorget around the neck and maybe a red sash with sword. Other than that the uniforms was the same (if they had one at all).

After all as far as uniforms go, there was no difference between Starbucks, Boomers and Apollos uniform. Zac was referred to as an ensign and his uniform was identical to apollos as a captain!

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