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Default Re: BSG Poster Magazine Issue 3

I can't see the attachments when I download or click on them. Are they still around or am I not doing something right?
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Default Re: BSG Poster Magazine Issue 3

You have several factors at work here.

First, the site crashed a couple of weeks ago and we're having to "re-attach" just about everything.

Secondly, you need to have a few posts under your belt before the download function becomes available. You see, we like the idea of people joining Colonial Fleets for the camaraderie and friendship of other BG fans, the interaction of fan artists, etc. - we're not so fond of folks to join, grab a few meshes, and disappear forever.

So come on in, say Hi, get to know us and let us get to know you.

Welcome to the Fleets.

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Default Re: BSG Poster Magazine Issue 3

To be honest I did join this board to get classic Battlestar Galactica info. I am a major Sci-Fi fan and that includes BSG (both versions). This board attracted me because this thread carried that poster book, which reportedly has some cool (and official) information on the original BSG's ships. Canon information on that old show is sparse so I jump at any chance I can collect it.

Is this the only purpose for joining? Not really. Being a fan it helps to talk to other fans. Share what I know and learn what I don't know. There are lots of BSG fan boards out there, but lots of them are pretty superficial so I'm selective on who I actually join. This one actually had something to share. I'm not much for CG rendering or art (haven't used my software in years), but am into discussing the finer (and not so finer) points of the shows as well as tech discussions, episode chats and even debates.

I haven't had a chance to lurk the boards yet to see what the current topics are. But if you're still cool with me being here I'm definitely cool with joining in on discussions that are mutually interesting. Hopefully I can prove myself to you guys and gals.
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