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Default OT: the Scapers DID IT!

Congratulations Scapers - You did it!

Farscape returns as a 4 hour mini-series

Savefarscape.com is now free to confirm that the rumors swirling have their basis in fact. Farscape, cancelled last year by the SCI FI Channel, will return as a 4 hour mini-series. Sources report that filming will begin in December and the series is expected to air next year. Ben Browder and Claudia Black will reprise their roles as Commander John Crichton and Officer Aeryn Sun. There is currently no word on distribution.

A Jim Henson Company production, Farscape was aired for four seasons on the SCI FI Channel before being cancelled in September 2002 with the fourth season finale and last new episode airing at the end of March 2003.

The fans reacted immediately to news of the cancellation and began one of the most impressive fan campaigns in television history. Through a strength of spirit and ideals of community and family, the fans of Farscape have created something fabulous and achieved something that should have been impossible.

Take a bow Scapers, you did it. You saved Farscape and don't let anybody tell you differently. This is all yours. You kept the hope alive, you kept Farscape alive, until the people behind Farscape could get back to work on telling us the rest of the tale again.

Your job isn't done yet, though. Take a while to enjoy this victory and then let's get back at it. Let's get more eyes for Farscape. Let's get more viewers. Let's put Farscape in the hands of every person we can reach and then, when the series airs it will be such an event that not even the most optimistic of us could have anticipated the response.

This is only the beginning. Farscape will continue because of you and the future of the franchise is in your hands.

Thank you all. For your time, your ideas, your letters, your hope, your joy, your dogged determination, and your unwavering support.

Congratulations. Back to work.



thanx to battlestarnewyork for posting this to the BSGrevival yahoo group.

Jewels, who got hooked on Farscape way late. Go Aeryn & John!
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And Battlestar Galactica fans (and web sites) were VERY supportive of this endeavor. Congratulations, 'Scapers! You got the show back -- and not as a reimagining, either. :p
"The possibility of hope must be sustained."
- Commander Adama, from "War of the Gods, Part I"
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Happy happy joy joy.
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I'm a big farscape fan also. I've always siad the BSG and farscape fans should ban together to fight sci-fi channel on there bad choices of programming etc etc. I was realy glad to see the new 4 hour mini series idea for farscape because at the very least it means there paying attention. However I SERIOUSLY feel its a trick by the scifi channel ppl just to get everyone off there backs and what there going to do is try to "END" the series by simply clearing up the TBC that was the last EP of 4th season. Thus leaveing the fans with a totaly dead series that can never be revived. You know blow up moyah and 1/2 the crew or some crazy non sense. I just feel its very important that the henson company make sure that the scifi ppl don't figure out a way to kill the series completely.

I think the BSG fans should watch out for sci-fi channel useing dirty tricks also. I'm not sure what they can realy do but with the way they have acted in the past 18 months or so I wouldn't put ANYTHING past them.
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SciFi won't be in charge of production though. They just bought the rights to first airing and paid for it to be produced. Ultimately the decision of what happens will be down to Henson and... whoever else it was in charge. I can't remember now.

Well, I have only one other show I want to see revived now. No, two. Firefly and Futurama. Damn FOX network.
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Yes Firefly, let's not forget John Doe. And another prematurely canceled program from the past, Alien Nation. FOX needs to get off of this reality show kick and face reality!
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