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Battlestar Galactica 1978 G80-06:The Return of Starbuck.

Series stars: Lorne Greene, Kent McCord, Barry Van Dyke, Robyn Douglass, Richard Lynch, Robbie Rist, Richard Eastman, Vernan Weddle, Herbert Jefferson Jr., Patrick Stuart, Allan Miller

Guest stars: Dirk Benedict, Judith Chapman

Dr. Zee confronts Adama about an odd dream he had about his own origins. The dream was about Starbuck, and how he ended his days after his service to Galactica. His ship incapacitated in a battle, he’s forced to drift to a habitable planet, abandoned by the fleet that can’t afford to rescue him as they are under attack by a large Cylon force. He crashes onto a desert-like planet, that he names the Planet Starbuck, in the escape pod from his viper, and sets out to see what else might be inhabiting the planet, but finds only a crashed Cylon ship. Using the destroyed ship, he built a shelter for himself, and desperate for companionship, he rebuilds one of they Cylon Centurions, and reasons with it to make a friend out of it, teaching it about humans, and engaging in an interesting game of pyramid. After something resembling an argument, Cy wanders off in search of a woman for Starbuck. He returns with a strange, silent, pregnant woman “from a dimension beyond who came in the usual way”. Starbuck manages to build a ship for him, Angela, and the baby out of remaining pieces of the two ships, but the escape is made difficult by the arrival of a Cylon ship. Angela tells Starbuck that it is his judgement day, and his inability to destroy Cy and his willingness to send her and the baby off to Galactica while sacrificing himself for them convinces her that he is a good man, and she sends the baby off while he and Cy battle the incoming Centurions. Cy is destroyed defending Starbuck, leaving him alone again. The pod carries the baby to Galactica, and Adama admits that the baby is in fact Dr. Zee.
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