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Default Needed: One Beta Reader and Comments

Hello there all you happy people.

I am fooling with the idea of a crossover fanfic that combines elements of BG, HP and BtVS. It's mostly BG/HP, but some people from BtVS will definitely be showing up once it gets off the ground.

We all know Harry was emotionally and phyically abused by the Dursley's as a child. What if a Vengeance/Justice Demon was on hand when he makes a wish?

What if Harry wishes to go SO far away, that the Dursley's will never find him and her solution is to send him to the sector of the galaxy where the Galactica is?

He will end up with Starbuck, and will definitely get over the horrid treatment that his so-called family put him through.

It will take place after The War of the Gods, and both Adama and Apollo will be a bit wary of this little boy, but unlike Iblis, they will genuinely come to love him.

I've got one chapter on my laptop, but since it doesn't have Word, but OpenOffice instead, I don't know if I can download it here.

Any comments (be kind please) will be welcome.

Suggestions as to Harry's new name (cuz it ain't that common in the Colonies) are needed. I'm thinking of Arrigan, but then, that's me.

I'm going to look up a few Celtic themed names, but other cultures are welcome too. Egyptian, Asian, etc. will all be considered.

Are polls allowed?
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