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Default Re: Battlestar Galactica to the Big Screen?

Originally Posted by BST View Post
With all due respect, I dispute that. Ron Moore has had over 5 years, from the time of mini-series to now, and has "re-tooled" the original BSG formula. Where has it gotten him (at the end of his series run) ?

Frankly, I think that a healthy dose of "feel good" shows and some true epic heroism is what this country needs, not just another dose of Hollywood-scripted "reality". When I want reality, I watch the news or read the news reports, I don't flip on the Sci-Fi channel.

Pete's right here. I would say that there will need to be some changes but all in all there needs to be less than you think. This show done right can live off the look and feel of the original. No more reinventing please. I've seen enough of that over the years that's for sure.

I could really use a good "escape from reality" right now. The last few years have kind of sucked.

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