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Originally Posted by BRG
I wonder if they use the title "Sire" similar to the way we use the title "Lord".

In our parliment, we have a number of politically appointed Lords( usually ex ministers or shadow ministers) and a number of hereditary Lords. But senior judges also are given the title of "Lord" eg- Lord Justice Wolfe. In the Royal Navy the head officer has the title 'First Sea Lord'. And the top religious leaders in the country- Archbishops, Cardinals, Rabbis ect, all have the same status as Lord's, and are given seats in the Upper House.

So perhaps the term Sire is given to anybody in such a high position in Colonial society, including but not exclucivly the Council of 12.

“Sire”, in archaic usage, is synonymous with “Lord”. I have always assumed if Adama was not a “Commander”, he would be addressed as “Sire”.

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