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Originally Posted by Mustex
O.k., I know that many the original Battlestar Galactica series fans consider this the only canon G80 episode. I was wondering, do you consider ALL of it canon, or just the parts with Starbuck. What I mean by this is, if you accept the part of it with Dr. Zee, and Adama, you're accepting that the baby became Dr. Zee. Or do you think the baby had an alternate future?
The only reason WHY G80 was considered to be so bad was because
of all the restrictions that were placed on the series. The return of Starbuck I
liked with Starbuck IN IT. I think as most TOS fans do that G80 was nothing
more then a hiccup. It wasn't written WELL with the exception of the return
of Starbuck Episode. Simply because I like the return of Starbuck EP does
not mean that I accept THAT time line for a TRUE continueation of TOS.
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