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Default I've Come Home

Hello to everyone again.
I have been mostly away for a long time, several years actually.
My time away has felt like being in another universe.
Over three years ago, I fell in love with someone whom I shared a universe of things in common with. We became fast best friends, so I believed.
The love was so strong between us.
I felt finally, he's the one.

Then recently, it ended.
Leaving me with a shattered heart.
Lost and confused, I have been. Not understanding where it all went wrong. I am left with unanswered questions.

The one thing that stays at the centre of my heart had always been the friendships I have made here so long ago.

It feels like I packed my stuff and got back into my viper and launched without looking back, even though there were an abundance of tears in my eyes.
I flew and flew the situation and heartbreak, until I found myself returning to the warm glow of the landing bay lights here back at the Fleets. My first and only home on the net.
I have missed the people here and the friends I know.
I don't normally bare my soul, but there it is anyhow.

So..hope to get back into the throng of my favourite subject topics on BSG and have great chats and laughs I always have here with wonderful people here.
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