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Default Viper Jacket Pattern For Those Interested

Well, I'll stick this post one more place as I'm learning to navigate this site as more than just a reader.

I've got a Viper Pilot Jacket Pattern that myself and a friend created. Its a good pattern. I'm a seamstress and costumer. I like having things correct and I like being able to make them myself.

Our pattern was made by watching the show for every detail we could gleam and then making mockups until we got it the way we want it.

The pattern is free for anyone interested. I don't care if your a seamstress and want to make some money or an individual who is wanting to make their own jacket. I only ask that if you have a copy of this pattern, and someone else is looking for it, then give them a copy for FREE.

Promote Galactica by permitting those around us the best opportunity to get into uniforms.

We are also making a detailed photo set that will show how to put the jacket together in addition to written instructions. The photo set will be completed by the middle of April as we are in the process of making jackets for a con.

The mockup I have meets all of the Blackstar Squadron criteria for a viper jacket.

Let me know if you want a copy. Also, if there are several of you who get together, please, have one of you request a copy and then trace them off with your buddies. This will save me a lot of time tracing off patterns and on postage.

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