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Default Re: Battlestar Galactica 31st Anniversary Gift for all TOS ries fans still out there

I've had several requests for the storyboard. I've uploaded the PDFs for the storyboard, the budgets (saga and ultimate weapon) and the Dykstra contract to Should be on there in an hour. Simply right click the file and SAVE (no idea how how to do it on a MAC, but I guess the people who have one know how to save the file).

I'll try and put up even some more stuff later. It simply costs time to at least type out all the interview audio. I now first have to concentrate on the Alan Levi one that's still lacking and I'm almost done typing out the transcript of the Lorne Greene audio. I found most people still rather read than listen to an interview (mostly because people like to skim over the stuff they don't find interesting rather than listen to some 60 minutes audio file)... but there's plenty on the shelve where all this came from.
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