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Default Responding to suggestions, point by point

Thomas' comment that the thread containing Milton's suggestions on how continuation supporters might have the production redirected to something more to a liking was becoming a "pick on milton" thread may be true, which wasn't my intent when I questioned Milton's sincerity. I apologize if I helped steer the thread off course, so to make up for that, I'll respond point by point to the suggestions.

Suggestion 1. Take out an ad in an entertainment magazine or even a major newspaper about what your issues with the new production.

Response: Good, but not original, idea that has been discussed at length. Unfortunately, no progress has been reported, seemingly due to cost.

Suggestion 2. Write letters to the many media outlets about your issues with the new production.

Response: Good idea, and one that I have not tried as it appears to be intended. I know some have sent notes to TV Guide, but I'm not sure if anyone has sent anything to other print organizations. However, many of us, including myself, have sent e-mails to many internet based media groups including Dark Horizons, AICN, etc., and to radio personalities, but I'll still give the benefit of the doubt on this one to Milton and say, thank you.

Suggestion 3. Write letters to Universal Studios.

Response: Brilliant idea, but been there, done that, and our efforts appear to have been ignored. This effort continues.

Suggestion 4. Write letters to companies that sponser the Sci Fi Network

Response: Another good idea that is already in the works. The question is, how many are doing this? Personally, I haven't started yet, but I will soon.

Suggestion 5. Organize a protest rally at the production studio. The address is on my website.

Response: Bad, bad idea that made me question the sincerity of the entire suggestion.

6. Organize a protest rally at Universal Studios.

Response: See response to suggestion 5.

Suggestion 7. Organize a protest rally at the Sci Fi Channel.

Response: Again, see response to suggestion 5.

Suggestion 8. Have one of your industry insiders appear on E! or another media outlet talking about the destruction of the original series.

Response: This one sounds like a trick to learn the identity of those who have been leaking secret information, and in my opinion, this is the purpose of the whole exercise.


Of 8 responses, there is one good suggestion that has a hint of originality, three suggestions to do or keep doing what we've discussed, three suggestions to make us look bad, and one suggestion to root out the mole that is plaguing Ron Moore. To me, that makes me feel that my original assessment of Milton's motives is on the bullseye.

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