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Default Re: What Happened to the Amok Time Figures?

I'm sure we all know about hte Majestic/Amok Time Figures that were available briefly. Some of us have been able to grab up the Gold and Silver Cylons, Starbuck, Apollo and Adama. But it seems the Extension of that line is dead and burried. The first Figure, Boomer, has the preproduction samples being sold off on the Amok Time site.

But if there is still interest, I ran into this thread on the Sideshow Forums.

Basically, custom sculpts of Starbuck and apollo are now ready for ordering and shipping with more (possibly all) characters following.

These heads will be followed by more accuate Costumes and Equipment.

I've signed up for everything after Starbuck and apollo but some of you will want to get in on these guys as well
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