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Default Re: Blackstar Squadron: Battlestar Galactica costuming group.

Originally Posted by Reaper View Post
I know I couldn't make the walk, seeing how I'm on the other coast, but you can count me in on submitting a donation. Even if it's just to cover the table. Just getting the info out might help.
If this is something we would be able to pull off in this short amount of time we will need some art work to add to some flyers and brochures.

Also will need some ideas on how to design the flyers and brochures (which we should create a separate thread topic to do this right).

Art work is going to be key and any web type cgi/flash would be a plus. We would also need a web address to add as a link to the flyers/brochures so those who inquire will have a place togo for more information and to be added to our roll here at CF as well.

A Costuming Guild Category added to CF would make this much easier for us here if the staff at CF would be willing to allow this. I'll send a request to Dawg and see what he suggests.
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