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Question Baltar's treason?

Has it ever been revealed why Baltar aided the Cylons in virtually wiping out the human race?
Why do you think he would choose this path? I was pondering this today, and 3 reasons sprung to mind!

Baltar appeared to be a man who needed power, and was constantly craving more. I seem to recall his saying after the Ambush that his colony was to be spared, this suggested that he wished to be absolute ruler over what was left of the human race.
Also, during the series, he delights in command of his basestars, sitting on the command chair like a king on his thrown. During 'The Living Legend' he states that he will make Gammoray his "outer capital", apparently he was considering a future coupe against Imperious Leader! And even during the prison breakout, he assumed command of the escape party. All of this points too a power crazed man.

The problem with this argument is that Baltar weilded considerable power already. He was a member of the Council of Twelve, and a trusted advisor to President Aidar. Perhaps Baltar knew he could never be President? Mabey he was very popular in his own colony, but not so amoung the rest? Mabey some other politician had some dirt on him, and was wating for the right moment too destroy him?
What do you think?

Self Preservation
Indeed, Baltar was a fully paid up member of The Self Presevation Society! Thoughout the series, whenever he has been in a tight spot, Baltar will try to lie, beg, or bargin his way out of trouble. When threatend with execution by the Cylons, he groveled and promised to deliver Galactica in exchange for his life. When Cain came charging at him with the Pegasus, he pulled himself out of danger, but sacrificed two basestars to save his skin. And in 'Hand of God', he offered tactical information to Apollo & Starbuck on attacking a basestar in exchange for his freedom. This is a man who is excpert at looking after No. 1!

So. Do you think that during the peace negotiations, Baltar got wind of the fact that the Cylons were planning an all out attack on the Colonies, and instead of warning the Colonial Fleet, he cut a deal to save himself and his colony in exchange for helping the Cylons destroy the rest of humanity?
What do you think?

Ah, Count Iblis!
If I recall correctly, when Baltar met Iblis, he was stunned to descover that he had the same voice as Imperious Leader! Could it be that Iblis was Imperious Leader? And during the peace negotiations sensed the darkness within Baltar, and used his mind control to bend him to his will, much like he did with Sheba?
Could it possibly be true?
What do you think?

Sorry if this has already been discussed, or already been resolved, but it's been on my mind all day!
Baltar was a wonderful character, one of the bst baddies of all time IMO! It's just a pity we never had a few more season to descover his motivations.

PS- Sorry if my post is a bit on the long side. I started it, and it sort of went out of control!
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